How to open a PUB file online?

Some time ago Publisher was one of the mandatory applications that you had to have installed on your PC for designing logos , brochures, brochures and advertising material . However, PUB file types are not compatible with other applications and need to resort to online tools to open.

What are PUB files?

Unlike Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files that can be opened with other programs, opening a Publisher file can become an ordeal due to its high incompatibility. PUB files are exclusive to Publisher from the house of Microsoft Office.

It is the same extension that you have used from MO 3.0 to its latest version in Office 2010. Although it is useful for creating designs for business cards , calendars or other files containing images, graphics and text, it is not such an advanced application.

How to open a PUB file online?


It is one of the few online tools that exist to convert a PUB file into another format such as PDF, doc, jpg or png . It’s easy to use, you just have to upload the file to the Zamzar page , choose the exit file format and press the Convert Now button.

Zamzar is a paid application and has various prices. The basic package costs $ 9 per month, the Pro costs $ 16 and the Business package costs $ 25 per month.

You can do unlimited downloads and the maximum size of the files will depend on the plan you have. But you can use the converter for free and convert two files.


Convert a PUB file to PDF format. Just upload the file on the page or drag it with the cursor and the magic will be done in an instant.

It is a free application, only you will not be able to modify the content of the PUB file. The final file will be a PDF file.

Online 2 PDF

It is characterized by not only converting files to PDF, but you can also transform PDF files to other formats. Among the formats it supports to convert is the PUB extension and you just have to select the file and upload it to the page .

The maximum size of a file is 100MB, a maximum of 20 files to convert and no more than 150MB.

PDF Online

Upload the PUB file to the page and enter your email address to convert the file. At the end of the process you will receive an email with the new document in PDF format.

Desktop applications to open a PUB file

The online tools available can be useful to read the content of the PUB and edit it . In case you want to edit the content of the file, you will most likely have to use other types of applications.

Primo PDF

It comes as a desktop application that promises to transform any file and be able to edit it. A free trial version is offered from their website.

Convert files in batch regardless of format type. Primo PDF preserves the quality of the files and offers a faithful version of the original PUB file. It is rated as a five star app and praised by many experts.

PUB Viewer Pro

A program designed for viewing Publisher files . As a final result you can have a file in PDF, image, text or PowerPoint format.

One of the great advantages that this tool has over the others is the ability to edit the file . You can even add new elements like text, graphics, and images.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it is a paid program and it is software that is in English. If you tend to work with the PUB format frequently, it is a good investment to transform the file format into a more standardized one.

We hope this tutorial has helped you, Publisher is undoubtedly a great option when it comes to doing work of different types


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