How to open a photo or video in the Instagram directory


  • 1How to open a regular photo or video in messages
    • 1On the phone
    • 2On a computer
  • 2How to watch a disappearing photo, video
    • 1On the phone
    • 2On a computer
  • 3How to re-view a disappearing photo
  • 4Why does not open a photo or video in a directorate

The developers of any service strive to make their product as intuitive as possible for new users, but sometimes certain difficulties arise.

Today we will figure out one of the basic functions of Instagram, namely how to view a photo or video on Instagram in direct using a smartphone and browser versions on a computer.

How to open a regular photo or video in messages

To begin with, let’s consider the possibility of normal viewing of a media file in a directory. Despite the similarity of different versions of the social network, each has unique features regarding the location of certain controls.

On the phone

  1. So, the first step is to open the messenger. To do this, tap on the cloud icon with a lightning bolt inside in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. A list of contacts will open, where you need to select the person in the correspondence with whom you want to watch the video.
  3. In the open window there is an opportunity to view the received content.
  4. After tapping on the photo, it will open in full screen. To return to normal mode, just click on the image again.
  5. In the video playback mode, a special playback mode opens that occupies the entire screen. To close, just tap on the cross icon in the corner.

On the computer

  1. Go to the site https://www.instagram.comand click on the message icon with a lightning bolt inside on the top panel.
  2. Next, you will need to select the user who sent you the image or video in private messages.
  3. This is where the chat with the interlocutor is located and the files sent by him are respectively located in this section.

We also recommend that you read our article: on  saving received files in a directory .

  1. Unlike a phone, an open file on a PC does not occupy the entire screen area and occupies a small area in the center. The image is closed by clicking on the cross or by clicking the left mouse button outside the area of ​​the picture.
  2. The situation is identical with the videos sent. The site interface does not allow viewing timings or other labels. The only available control is a cross to end playback.

How to view a disappearing photo, video

Now let’s look at the ability to view media with a self-destruct function.

It is important to note that you will not be able to return to the received message again. This should be borne in mind when opening a correspondence with a person.

On the phone

  1. The first step is to launch direct through a special icon in the corner of the screen.
  2. After that, you need to open a correspondence with the desired user.
  3. Having opened the resulting file, pay attention to the unique view bar at the top. It looks like a burning wick, indicating that at the end of the afterburning, the photo will be destroyed.

On the computer

Unfortunately, this function is only supported by the application and does not allow opening such a format using a browser. All sorts of browser extensions will also not have the desired effect. The only option is to log in to your smartphone and view the image on it.

How to re-view a disappearing photo

Unfortunately, this function fully justifies its name and does not allow you to view the received file again.

Why doesn’t a photo or video open in a directory?

Let’s consider the most common causes of problems that arise when trying to view the received file from the interlocutor:

  • The most common cause of such problems is common Internet problems. We recommend that you try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile internet or vice versa. If the problem persists, go to the next step.
  • We recommend that you check for updates for the application. Periodic problems with the technical side are sometimes unavoidable, but large companies such as Instagram promptly resolve emerging problems.
  • If you received a notification about the receipt of a file, but it is not in the correspondence, then the interlocutor could change his mind and deleted the images for both recipients. In this case, the situation cannot be remedied.

Now you know how to view photos or videos on Instagram in Direct on a smartphone or PC. We recommend that you independently explore the new platform. An independent search is often faster to remember and allows you to master all the capabilities of the site without resorting to third-party instructions.

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