How to open a live chat to get support from LoL? – League of Legends support

One of the ways to get support in LoL is through a live chat, because this way you can have problems and solutions in real time, so the results can be more immediate.

How to Open a Live Chat for LoL Support – League of Legends Support

The Riot support page

In order to open the live chat and get support in LoL, you must first enter the official page intended for it, this can be achieved by performing the relevant search in your trusted browser or by entering its official page .

When entering this link, you will see in the upper right corner the option ‘ Language’. D onde need to make sure you have selected for your country. If not, take care of placing it.

On the main Riot support screen, you can see the different games that you can receive assistance with. So you will have to click on the poster or the option of ‘ League of Legends’.

After fulfilling the previous step. You must proceed to enter your account from the ‘Login’ button that you will also find in the right corner, just above the language you have modified.

These two mentioned actions guarantee you to obtain the support in LoL in a more optimized way, as this way it will fully adjust to your account and what you really need. In fact, it will be essential to be able to access certain data.

Get Support on LoL: Live Chat

From the Riot support website for League of Legends and after logging in, you will have to click on the option ‘Send a request’, which you can find on the upper belt.

Consequently, you will be redirected to the corresponding page, where you must choose the type of request you want to send. These are divided into different categories or situations. In this case, you should prefer the one referring to ‘Technical problems’, which includes installation problems, Lag and others.

Now it will be necessary for you to fill out a form with the details of your problem. It is very important that you be as clear and specific as possible, so that you can get support in LoL in the live chat directed to your problem.

After filling in fields about the area where you have problems, as well as the region where you belong, and the specific technical problem that affects you, among other things, you can continue and choose to start the chat.

In this way, the live chat window will appear on the right side of your screen. But this will only work in some time ‘Warning’, understood from 5:30 pm until 12:30 am . Well, it is a schedule with a greater presence of players.

 What can I do in the chat window?

When you have already entered the live chat window, it will present you with a series of options and preferences of its own, which you can access through the ‘Options’ button.

Thus, the corresponding menu will open with the different choices, among which there is a ‘Sound’ section to disconnect or connect it; as well as the indicator about the support, where you can find out more about this function and other aspects.

There is also the option to send a file through live chat , so that you can share any element that can help to clarify your problem and find the solution more easily.

And finally, there is the new possibility of sending the chat transcript to your email, specifically the one linked to your League of Legends account , with which you have entered the chat.

To finalize the assistance received, you also have a special button, which will be at the back of the chat. So once you are satisfied with the support. You can proceed to press it.

It’s called ‘ End this chat’ and it will stand out for its striking color, but make sure you don’t need anything else. Well, once completed and closed, you will have to do everything again to enter.

You do not always have to go to the technical support team to solve a problem, since there are problems such as the error of not being able to log in because you are disconnected or a master error , which you can solve with a simple tutorial.

In addition to requesting support through the chat forum, League of Legends gives you the option of writing an email to the game’s technical support team . In addition to writing asking for help to solve a problem, many users also use this medium for a claim for banning their account.


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