How to number lines and paragraphs in a Word document fast and easy

From the moment Microsoft launched its business suite called Microsoft Office , specifically its word processor program, Microsoft Word, the possibility of creating a document with a comfortable, elegant appearance, which facilitates order and reading for who uses it.

Recently, the Office 2019 package has included in its Word update several new features, such as learning tools for those students who carry out their tasks and projects, as well as a text-to-speech function, thus being more inclusive with everyone users who have a computer on hand.

These news are accompanied in the Mac OS X operating system with a focus mode and also with a translator, which would make our work a fast and efficient process when writing, instructions, essays, projects or everything we need at our fingertips. .

Something that has been maintained in all versions of Word, to help the reader understand more deeply, is the numbering, which can be both lines and paragraphs using bullets, which can be used in different ways: uppercase, lowercase letters, or icons.

The numbering of paragraphs added to your document more structure and order, allowing those interested to read something specific and go directly to the paragraph number where such information is; something that you can also consider is to separate your document into sections with titles and subtitles.

It is important that you take into account the following recommendations before continuing reading: know the elements that are presented in the toolbar, and you can do this by placing the cursor over the icons that appear, and Word automatically will give you a small definition of What does each one work for.

Using bullets to separate paragraphs

In the bar tools that appears on top of Word, you’ll see an icon three points, accompanied by three consistent lines at each point, and the click on a point where is located the cursor will be added text, which you can change to a square, an empty circle, a diamond or an arrowhead.

The use of these bullets is recommended when you have several related items on the same topic, but whose reading order is indifferent to how it is written.

You can change these bullets for numbers by following the same process of locating the “Numbering” icon on the toolbar , where Roman and natural numbers appear.

Generally, the use of Roman numerals is recommended to give our text a more elegant and formal appearance, especially when what we are writing is related and it is important to maintain an established order; you can also shade the text you want to bullet and then click the button mentioned above.

Line numbering

When creating an interactive text, we may need to list the lines that make it up, for which we must do the following: click on layout, and in the menu that will be displayed, we look for the option ” line numbers “, and then this way, we choose between the alternatives that appear.

One of them is ” start over on each page “, which will enumerate the lines page by page, and until it reaches a certain number, it will start over from the beginning on the next one. However, by selecting the “Start over in each section” option, all lines of the document will be numbered.

You can also select specific lines, following the same process: go to “available”, and in the line numbers option, adjust the preferences in the corresponding button, there you will find that you can select ” Start from “, “distance from text”, and “Account for”, depending on what you need.


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