How to number any of the pages in LibreOffice Writer

The free office and open source software package LibreOffice was created in 2010 as a derivation of With this package in your documents you can place the page numbering in LibreOffice Writer.

LibreOffice can be easily downloaded in its latest version . It is accessible in many languages ​​and has been designed to be compatible with the most important office suites , such as Microsoft Office and in different operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, GNU / Linux, among others.

Among its components it has a spreadsheet or Calc editor , a database or Base manager , a vector graphics editor or Draw , another editor but of math formulas or Math , a presentation manager or Impress and a processor of Writer text ; the latter, the subject of our article today.

What is the LibreOffice Writer word processor?

It is an application or tool with a variety of functions, such as writing and formatting any report, letters, brochures, books and other types of documents, you can also choose different sources; being able to insert both graphics and images, frames, formulas, among others.

They can also save the files to Microsoft Word format, or also as HTML , XHTML, XML and PDF, and they can even be sent by email through the email manager that you have configured on your computer.

What are the features of the Writer Word Processor?

  • Writer comprises a thesaurus, hyphen separator, spell checker, as well as an automatic checker and other useful templates for different purposes.
  • Also, you can modify the style of paragraphs , frames and other characters quickly; observing the file schematically and following the objects that have been inserted into the document. You can also remove line and paragraph breaks .
  • You can place drawings, legends and images in the text of the document in different formats such as GIF and JPG; Likewise, LibreOffice Writer also gives the option of cropping images , as well as protecting documents with a password, accepting digital signatures, hyperlinks and more.

How to number any of the pages in LibreOffice Writer?

We have three options to carry out this procedure , that is, the number of pages can be placed at the top of the text or at the bottom; likewise if you wish, a combination of words and numbers, placing them where you prefer, as follows:

  • If you want to place it at the top , then we go to the toolbar and click on the “Insert” icon, then “Heading”, then click on “Default”, again “Insert”, then on “Fields” and ” Number of pages”. A  page can also edit the horizontally or whatever you like.
    The number 1 is placed and automatically continues with the numbering 2, 3 and so on in the following pages; you can also align the numbering to the center, right or left with the boxes at the top of the toolbar.
  • Now, if you want to place the numbering at the bottom of the text; it is done very similar to the previous case; click on “Insert” and then click on “Footer”; then, continue with the same steps arriving at “Number of Pages”.
  • Also, you can center align to the right or left; with the same boxes that are in the form of squares at the top of the toolbar. It should be mentioned that if you delete the first one, it will also delete the others .
  • However we have another option that is, making a combination of text with numbers , that is, you write the text you want such as: You are on page 1 of a total of; to get there, then click on “Insert”, then “Fields” and you end up clicking on “Total Pages”.

In this way, place the corresponding number ; You can also align this writing. Finally, it can be concluded, the great utility that this tool represents, with a huge variety of languages ​​so that it reaches the majority of users; as well as the advantage of its compatibility with the main office automation packages.

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