How to mute WhatsApp web notifications?

The WhatsApp Messenger application is one of the most popular web messaging applications . This is due to the number of functions it offers us, one of them is the possibility of putting photos and videos in the WhatsApp status.

This application offers the opportunity to use its services from your computer with almost all its functions. However, many users want to turn off alerts and sounds for incoming notifications.

For this, WhatsApp web offers its users the possibility of silencing and deactivating the sounds of notifications , either permanently or temporarily. In order to direct your attention to other aspects, without having to close WhatsApp web.

In this way, we will show you the series of steps that you must follow so that you learn how to silence or deactivate the alerts , sounds and notifications of WhatsApp web.

How to mute or deactivate WhatsApp web notifications?

Many times the notifications on WhatsApp web tend to distract users, and there are also those who consider it annoying , so most of the time the best option is to disable WhatsApp web notifications.

For this, you just have to log in to WhatsApp web and enter the option of the three vertical dots that is shown in the upper left corner of the start window of this application.

Once you enter this option, the WhatsApp web window will change to one where a series of options are displayed that you can access, you must enter the “Settings” section . When you enter this option, a menu will be displayed and you must access it in the “Notifications” section.

In this way, WhatsApp web will show you a section where you can choose which aspect of the notification you want to deactivate. In this case, deactivate the “Desktop Alerts” option , so that the notifications that usually appear in your operating system will stop showing when a new message arrives in your WhatsApp web inbox.

How to silence or deactivate the alerts and sounds of WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp web is a way to use the application of your mobile phone on your computer, you can even use WhatsApp web without having a mobile . So users want to use this service but without having to listen to alerts and sounds when a new notification arrives on WhatsApp.

For this, the best option is to deactivate or mute the sound of notifications from WhatsApp web. So, once there you must enter the icon of three vertical dots that are shown in the upper left corner of the home window of your profile.

When you enter, you must locate and access the “Settings” option and once there you must enter “Notifications” . In this window multiple options are shown, to deactivate the sounds and alerts of WhatsApp web you must deactivate the Sounds option. Keep in mind that this would be permanent, so if you want to activate them again you must follow the same procedure.

In case you want to deactivate the alerts and sounds of the notifications for a certain period of time , you only have to enter the option “Deactivate the alerts and sounds for” and define the period of time for which you want to deactivate them.

How to mute or deactivate notifications on WhatsApp web?

In case you do not want to deactivate all the notifications on WhatsApp web, but rather that of a specific conversation, this platform allows you to easily perform this action.

For this, after you have logged into WhatsApp web, open the conversation from which you want to silence its notifications . Once there, you must enter the icon of the three vertical dots that are shown in the upper right corner of the conversation window.

In this section, a series of options related to the conversation will be displayed, you must locate and select the one to “Mute”. Once there, a series of options will be displayed that will allow you to choose for how long you want to silence the notifications of that conversation on WhatsApp web.

In this way, you can improve your concentration on the other aspects that you are working on on your computer, or silence a conversation that has become a bit annoying.


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