How to mute video audio on iPhone

Muting the audio of a video recorded with the iPhone previously required using a third-party app. For several versions of iOS, Apple has introduced an improvement in its Photos app to be able to remove the sound from our videos . In this way, it is not necessary to resort to an external utility and we take advantage of the resources of the operating system itself.

How to mute video audio on iPhone

Removing the sound from a video is very simple from the iPhone itself. This trick works for both iOS and iPadOS, for which we need to have the video saved on the reel . In Photos, find the video you want to mute, you can find it more easily in the app’s Videos album.

Once here, we will click on the edit button and a series of editing options for your video will be displayed. A yellow loudspeaker symbol will appear in the upper left corner . Press it, it will change its appearance and color and you will remove the sound from the video. Then, just save the changes and we will have muted the video.

With this simple gesture, you will be able to remove the sound from a video if you want to share it without the audio spoiling the image . It will also shorten steps if you want to edit it later with another app. A noisy scene or background conversation that adds nothing are ideal candidates for disappearing.

Remember that you can recover the deleted sound at any time. To do this, just go back to Edit and press the same symbol as before.

More video editing utilities on the iPhone

The Photos app itself has gained other video editing features over the years. Not so long ago useful functions such as rotation or cropping were in the hands of other apps exclusively . In the current version of iOS, we can do the following:

  • Trim the duration of a video, eliminating the beginning and the end to our liking.
  • Adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, shadows, saturation, temperature and other parameters.
  • Place one of the ten filters that Serial Photos has.
  • Rotate, straighten, twist or skew the image.
  • Rotate the video to put it in mirror mode, rotate it and change the format (1: 1, 16: 9, manual, etc.).

Some features may not be available on older iPhones that support iOS 14

You can always revert the changes by going back to the edit menu and hitting the red arrow in the lower right corner. It is also a good idea to make all the changes we need and save them as a new video. In this way, we will keep both videos, the original and the edited, at the same time just in case.


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As we can see, iOS keeps many semi-hidden functions inside. Features that can save us a search, download, watermark and even the payment of a third-party app . It never hurts to know them and squeeze our iPhone to the fullest.


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