How to mute someone on TikTok? – Disable notifications

One of the most important and used short video social networks in recent years is TikTok. You may want to know about the origin and history of TikTok as an App . One of the most important features of this video network is its ease of use and how you can easily make videos and edit them.

As in all social networks , in Tik Tok you also have to create an account and log in to be able to have more freedom within the network.

How to Mute Someone on TikTok? – Disable Notifications

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  1. What happens when a TikTok user is muted?
    1. No person notifications
    2. Access to publications
  2. What is the best method to hide all TikTok content from one person?
    1. With the iPhone mobile
    2. Android phones
  3. How to silence a person in a live TikTok?
  4. How many days can a silenced person last on TikTok?
  5. Can muted people on TikTok find out they’re ‘Mute’?

What happens when a TikTok user is muted?

As you’ve probably wondered, after muting someone on TikTok , you may want to know what kind of things you’ll still be able to do and what you won’t, and if all their notifications will be restricted.

No person notifications

By muting a specific user from your contact list on TikTok, it will no longer be possible for you to receive any notifications from this person. Of course, since you have not blocked him, this user will be able to communicate with you because he has not been blocked but will be silenced.

Access to publications

This is another of the confusions that people have regarding applying this silence to a user’s notifications on TikTok , since you have not blocked this user, this person will still be able to enter your profile and watch your videos, but if you come to comment or react to them, the notifications will not appear.

What is the best method to hide all TikTok content from one person?

Like everywhere, there are always going to be unwanted people you don’t want to have among your followers. To people who do not contribute anything beneficial to your videos, but perhaps you do not want to block them to know what they do from their accounts.

This method is similar to putting private videos on TikTok , for this you can hide all the content for this person that you don’t want to see your activity on TikTok or see only a limited amount of your content.

With the iPhone mobile

If you have an iPhone mobile or that has an iOS system and you want to hide all the content from a specific TikTok user, you will not have any problem achieving it because here we will show you how to do it .

For this, you will first have to open the TikTok App. After you open it you have to go to your profile and tap on ‘Me’. When entering this part, you will click on the three points on the right side and there you will enter the Settings .

When you are there you will look for Push Notifications and click on this option. From there you will be able to manage all the notifications of the application, here you will be able to search for the option to silence a user.

Android phones

If you are going to do this same process but your phone has an Android system, it will not be a problem either. To do so, you just have to follow all the steps that we mentioned in the case of iOS system phones.

How to silence a person in a live TikTok?

If every time you do a live on your TikTok account there are notifications from a certain user that bothers you while you are on said Live, you will be able to silence them in this way.

As soon as the notifications from this user begin to arrive, you will go to the notifications of your account and you will press and hold one of the many notifications from this user. There you will see a window in which you will have several options, you will have to choose the ” Silence notifications from ” and the name of this user will be the one you want to silence.

How many days can a silenced person last on TikTok?

In case you have silenced it during a TikTok live, the silence will be applied until the live ends. This option was created this way so that while you are doing this stream you won’t be distracted by notifications and get lost while doing it.

Now, if the silence that you have applied to this user is the conventional silence, it will be removed after the time elapses that you have chosen when silencing their notifications. If you have muted this user indefinitely, you will need to follow the same process you used to mute them.

Can muted people on TikTok find out they’re ‘Mute’?

In case you have not read the terms of use and privacy of TikTok at the time you created your account, you have to know that this is one of the rules . When you block or silence a user from this platform, they are not notified. This is because it is part of your privacy what you do with the followers you have in your account.

Therefore, if you have silenced or blocked someone from your TikTok account, do not worry as the application will not notify them.


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