How to mute camera sound when taking a photo on iPhone

The iPhone camera produces a sound when taking a photo that imitates that of traditional ones. If at any given moment, you want to take one without making that noise, there are several ways to do it. Of course, in the remote case that your iPhone was purchased in Japan, forget to turn it off. Because the law in the Asian country makes the sound of the camera always active by law.

How to turn off the sound of photos on the iPhone camera

Taking photos without sound on the iPhone can be a good idea if we combine it with the Apple Watch . Its app allows you to broadcast what the camera captures to your wrist, as well as take photos. A quality that fits very well in the event that we want to make “silent” captures.

Unfortunately, there is no setting on the iPhone to turn off the camera sound. But there are three ways to do it indirectly. They are as follows.

Activate Live Photo

Live Photo is a photo format that allows you to record 3 seconds of video and its sound around the moment we press the button. Therefore, to prevent noise from the camera being heard , iOS mutes it. To do this, we must follow these steps:

  • Open the iPhone camera.
  • In the top menu you should see some concentric circles, it is the button that controls the Live Photos.
  • Press it and this mode will be activated.

Of course, keep in mind that you will not be taking “photos” but rather photos in animated format.

Use the mute button

Perhaps the simplest method of all and that you have used the most times. It consists of sliding the tab that we find on the left side of the iPhone , almost in the upper corner. This button mutes all sounds on the iPhone, except for alarms.

If you are used to hearing notifications, messages and calls, don’t forget to turn the sound back on. Just slide the tab back to its original place.

Turn the volume up or down

The sound of the “shutter” that the iPhone makes when taking a photo can also be controlled with the iOS sound. We can lower the volume using the side buttons located just below the mute tab that we have seen in the previous point. Press the lower button all the way until the sound indicator disappears.

You will have to do it outside of the Camera app. Because these same buttons are used to take photos without pressing the button on the screen. A trick that you can also take advantage of to take your photos.


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Another way to lower the volume is through the Control Center. Depending on the iPhone we have, the Control Center is displayed from below (iPhone with Touch ID) or from the upper right corner (iPhone with Face ID). There you will see a slider to lower the volume to the minimum. And with this form, we already know the three methods that exist so that the iPhone camera does not put noise when taking a photo.

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