How to mute artists on Spotify easily?

The blocking an artist in Spotify is something that users of this platform they want to do often, maybe many people entering Spotify do not like an artist, or hate, or you like a particular song, so they are in all your right to block it.

If you want to block, delete and mute artists on Spotify , as well as hide a song in your playlists, here we will explain how you should do it easily, so that you do not listen to the artist that you like, or the song that you like. don’t like it.

How to block, remove and mute artists on Spotify easily?

Spotify is an application that consists of an online music platform, currently it is one of the most used means to search and enjoy listening to the songs that we like the most. In this application there are various musical genres, and an incalculable number of artists, which can be used for some and not for others.

We mean that there is an immense number of songs and artists on this platform, and many of them may not be to our liking and then we want to stop listening to them.

Previously, in order not to hear what was not pleasant to our ears, we could only remove the current playlist or change the current radio station. Spotify did not allow us to remove artists.

But now this has changed, and we can block an artist on Spotify, as well as hide a song that we don’t want to hear anymore.

To unblock an artist, we must first make sure to update Spotify to the latest version , because the option to block an artist on Spotify is recent; then we have to enter our Spotify account.

We will write the name of the artist in the search section, and on their home page we will click on the three ellipsis in the upper right corner; in the expanded window we will select ‘block or mute artist’, and we will no longer hear it.

How to block, delete and mute songs on Spotify easily?

On Spotify we find all kinds of genres, artists and music of excellent quality, and sometimes we want to repeat the same song several times to enjoy it more.

But there are also songs that we don’t like at all; There are countless songs on this platform, and many of them may be shocking to our eardrums , so we would like to stop hearing them once and for all.

The procedure to block, delete and silence songs on Spotify is very simple, keep in mind that Spotify tries and will try to give the greatest comfort to its users. In this sense, everything you want to delete or stop listening on Spotify , you can easily do.

To block a song on Spotify you can follow the same step explained above on how to block an artist on Spotify; If you delete or mute the artist of the song that you don’t like, you will surely stop hearing it in your playlists.

However, you don’t need to go to the extreme of eliminating an artist just because you don’t like just one of their songs. So, you just have to enter the song and click on the ellipsis above, and then select the option to ‘hide this song’ , and that’s it.

How to unblock an artist or song on Spotify?

Because sometimes a song brings back bad memories, and that at times we are in a somewhat sensitive state of mind, we may make the decision not to listen to a song or an artist, and then we choose to remove it from Spotify. 

It can also be the case that a song or artist has been deleted by mistake, and then we do not know what to do to unblock or reverse this applied option.

In any case, the truth is that there is nothing to worry about, because if we want to recover and listen to deleted songs or blocked artists, Spotify will allow us to do it without problems.

If you want to unblock an artist, you just have to apply what was explained above: look for him and then click on the three ellipsis to unlock. And to unlock a song, we will do basically the same process, only now from the song.


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