How to mute a user on Instagram

Mute is one of the most gratifying options that many applications allow us. It is on WhatsApp, Telegram and also on Instagram, as well as on Twitter as well, for example.

Sometimes we follow some accounts on Instagram that interest us for their content of humor, recipes, animals, travel, etc. But suddenly one day they change from time to time and do raffles, promote apps, upload unusual content and we don’t want to stop following them so as not to lose our profile and not lose those videos of recipes, exercises at home, animal care, etc.

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Mute accounts

This method is the most radical. It is the previous step to stop following an account, so we must be clear that if we do so we will not see anything from that account but we will continue to be followers of that account and if we search for it we can enter normally and see their stories, publications, write comments , send private messages, tag, etc. Besides, that account can also interact with us normally.

To silence an account, just follow these simple steps:

  • We enter the profile of the account that we want to silence.
  • We click on “Following” .
  • Next, in “Silence” and then we mark the boxes of Publications and Stories, as indicated in the screenshot.

After performing these steps, the account, or accounts that we have silenced, will disappear from our feed and from our Stories bar, but we can always consult them by searching manually.

Mute Stories

Instagram Stories are the famous Stories, but translated into Spanish. To silence the Stories of a specific account , we must follow the same steps as in the previous section but mark only the Stories option.

By doing this, we will stop seeing the stories for that account in the Stories bar.

Mute Posts

The publications are everything we see in the Instagram feed when we enter the app and we scroll down and like each time a cat appears.

To silence the Instagram Posts of a specific account, we will follow the same steps, but marking “Posts” .

The account whose posts we have muted will not appear in our Instagram feed. To see them again, either we consult it annually by means of a search, or we deactivate the silence.

Mute chats

The MDs or private messages from Instagram can also be silenced and it is very simple, since this way we avoid extra notifications, since they are added to the usual ones of WhatsApp, Telegram, email, etc.

To silence a specific conversation, we enter the private messages, click on the chat in question, then on its name and there we mark the option “Silence messages” .

Mute Instagram video calls

Actually they are called video chats, and to silence them, that is, we will not see if someone makes us a video chat , we have to follow the steps in the previous section and mark the option corresponding to video chats.

By silencing some of these options, Instagram will not notify the profile at any time.

Mute, accounts, posts, stories, messages, etc. It is not irreversible, but we can remove the silence whenever we want, as if we want to be putting and removing it at will.

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