How to mute a person’s Stories on Instagram

Instagram Stories are a tool to share moments and you can personalize them through drawings, emojis, texts and songs. In these Stories I do not know you can add comments or give “I like” . They are located in a bar at the top of Instagram.

It is important to understand that you can follow users without having to see their Stories, since there is a way to silence them . You can also view their Stories without them noticing. In the same way, you can stop viewing the Stories but you can continue to see the normal photos that are shared through the publications.

Stories or better known as Instagram stories will have a validity of 24 hours from the moment of their publication, and can be viewed as a kind of slide show. In addition, these stories are often seen because people are added to the social network because of commitment, work or friendship. If you want you can hide your stories from someone.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are nothing more than publications that are added to this social network; having the difference that they will be visible only for a period of time . In this way, users of this platform can share photographs, YouTube videos , add links , images and endless audiovisual content.

Normally this alternative is ideal both for those users who want to highlight an unforgettable or outstanding moment of their day. It is also a very useful option for entrepreneurs, influencers , among others. Since in this way, they will be able to impact their friends and followers.

Follow the steps below to mute a person’s Stories on Instagram

First of all, the Instagram application must be opened on the mobile device, and at the top you will see the Stories session as always . It is in that place where you must locate the user whom you want to silence.

After finding the user, you must press the circle for a moment and in this way a window will automatically appear with two options which are: view profile and silence . You must select the option to mute which is the one that interests you.

But when selecting this option, another menu will appear where you must confirm if you want to silence the Stories or silence the Stories and publications . These two options are given by the social network to select the one that is most convenient, taking into account that if you want to continue seeing the publications of this person, you must select the first option.

Similarly, what is intended is to silence only the Stories, so only this option should be chosen. Then, after clicking there, the changes will be applied automatically.

These changes will only be made so that the Stories of this person that you selected will no longer appear in the upper part where the circles are located. But, if you can continue to see the normal publications of the user.

This option can be applied because in many occasions the Stories of people, friends or publications of real interest stop appearing. In the same way, you can do it because in many cases the stories that the user shares are not interesting.

Mute Stories and user account without blocking it

This utility has been available on Instagram for some time now, in order to silence the Stories without stopping following or blocking the user . It is a very good option, since the person you will silence will not be aware of the decision you just applied.

It should also be noted that in the Instagram social network, users’ accounts can be silenced, but this option will not be applied permanently in the application, since you can revert it at the time you decide.

By silencing a user’s account or silencing only the Stories, they will not be aware of the procedure that has just been applied. In the same way, you will be able to continue receiving the private messages that the user sends you and see the mentions they make to you in the publications and comments.

You must understand that if you select the option to mute the posts and stories you will not see anything from that user, and if you choose to mute only the Stories you will continue to see the posts in the main Instagram feed.


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