How to move messages from blocked senders in Mail directly to the trash

The function of blocking senders in Mail allows us to block certain senders to avoid receiving their messages . When we block a contact, it is marked with a small forbidden symbol so that we can distinguish it from the rest, but is that enough? Rather not, so let’s see which option to activate so that messages from blocked senders go directly to the trash.

Blocked Contacts and Direct Messages to Trash

When we block a contact, there is the option of simply marking it with the corresponding signal and avoiding the relevant notification or, in addition, moving it to the trash can automatically . Surely moving the message to the trash so that it almost disappears automatically will be the preferred option for many. The steps to adjust this function are as follows:

  1. We open the Settingsapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We enter Mail.
  3. We tap on Blocked sender options.
  4. We activate Mark blocked sender.
  5. We choose Transfer to Trash.

On the Mac the steps are similar :

  1. We open the Mailapp on our Mac.
  2. We press Command (⌘) + Comma (,).
  3. We enter the Spamtab .
  4. We enter the sub-tab Blocked addresses.
  5. We activate Activate blocked mail filter.
  6. We mark Move it to the trash.

Finally, as a reminder, let’s see how to block a sender in the Mail app . The steps are these:

  1. We open the Mailapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We open the message that interests us.
  3. We touch the sender’s name and it will turn blue.
  4. We touch the sender’s name again.
  5. We touch Block this contact.
  6. We press Block contactagain to confirm.

In the case of the Mac we will do it in a very similar way :

  1. We open the Mailapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We open the message that interests us.
  3. We secondary click on the sender’s name.
  4. We touch Block contact.

With this action, together with the adjustment that we have made in the previous steps, if we receive a message from a blocked sender, it will be transferred directly to the trash, ready for us to delete it without even realizing it .


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Easy right? Once we have adjusted the contact blocking in this way we can use it to automatically send any message that we do not wish to receive to the trash. As simple as touching the recipient’s name and choosing Block contact .

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