How to mount the rearview mirror of the car

The mirrors are delicate, and of course this is also a typical feature of those of cars, among other things widely used: what to do when the rearview mirror breaks ?

Let’s find out together.

Broken rearview mirror

Broken car rearview mirror and you don’t know how to fix it? Luckily for you this is a fairly simple and fast intervention, just use a few tricks.

You will have to proceed quickly with the replacement because the mirrors, as well as indispensable, are mandatory by law: the lack of one of them will result in penalties, so even if you have never done so, you must find a solution.

Good news though, to mount and replace the mirror on the rearview mirror just follow our advice.

How to buy a new rearview mirror

To change the broken rear-view mirror just a few tools are enough, besides (obviously) the new mirror: first of all, how to choose it and where to buy it?

Go to an auto parts store, workshop or search online, based on the make and model of your car, preferably with the vehicle registration document in hand .

With a little luck you could also find the piece in car demolitions, but pay attention to the general condition of the glass: since it is a delicate accessory, once removed from the demolition car it could be damaged.

In any case, once you have purchased the new piece you will also need:

  • a screwdriver
  • glass cleaner
  • adhesive paste (not always needed)
  • protective gloves and goggles

After shopping, here’s how to take action.

How to change the rearview mirror

The procedure is simple: first of all, position yourself comfortably in the car wearing protective gloves and goggles, then locate the release button, always present in the center of any rearview mirror: at this point push it up.

Once in this position you will need to use the screwdriver to rotate the fixing screw, positioned between the mirror and the external support. Now use it to apply pressure (on the glass) from below: the goal is to enter between it and the external coating, in order to pry and detach the broken mirror.

At this point you can proceed with the assembly of the new one: first of all clean the support with the detergent and position the mirror, using the screwdriver. Now screw the screw removed earlier clockwise, and that’s it!

Now you need pressure again to push the mirror into the support: first in the center (to hook it to metal blades) and then at the height of the adjustment cables.

It is at this stage that the appropriate adhesive paste (or glue) may be needed, but remember that the latter is not always necessary: ​​the mirror should in fact remain mounted by pressure.

In case you are unable to complete the procedure, do not insist and contact qualified personnel at a dealership or an auto parts dealer to finish the job and return to using the rearview mirror.


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