How to monitor sleep on Apple Watch with the new watchOS 7 app

With the arrival of watchOS 7 , users can finally configure sleep monitoring on the Apple Watch with a native app. Conveniently called Dream, this app goes beyond what has traditionally been offered for a long time with any quantifying bracelet. Sleep monitoring is not exclusive to the [new Apple Watch Series 6] (We are still digesting the news of the new Apple Watch Series 6 , Apple Watch SE and other devices.) It aims to create a routine at bedtime, to help us to rest better.

How to set up sleep monitoring on Apple Watch

The Sleep app will appear as soon as you update the watch to watchOS 7 . It is characterized by being a white bed on a light blue background . As soon as you open it for the first time, it will invite us to configure our sleep monitoring schedule. We can set the schedules and choose whether we want to activate the control while we sleep or not (it is very interesting that we do).

Here we have several options when it comes to choosing the time to go to bed and wake up . In my case, this is my configuration:

  • Time to go to bed: 11:30 PM on weekdays and 12:30 AM on weekends.
  • Wake up time: 6:45 on weekdays, no time on weekends.

As we can see, the schedule can be differentiated between weekdays or weekends, although we can actually choose one for each day of the week . We must also establish a time to relax and a goal of hours to rest a day. The first is a period in which the iPhone stops sending you notifications and the screen dims its brightness below the usual minimum. It is a kind of preparation for going to sleep.


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As for the daily rest goal, it is a way of specifying how many hours a day we want to sleep. Between both functions, the Apple Watch will help us prepare for the night and sleep more relaxed. When it is time to disconnect, the clock will emit a warning so that we can mentalize ourselves to sleep (the sound is a lullaby, which in my opinion is slightly sinister).

How to set up Apple Watch sleep monitoring from iPhone

The Apple Watch is perfectly capable of configuring Sleep on its own. Of course, you may prefer to do it on a larger screen such as the iPhone , because it is more comfortable. If so, the steps are very similar:

  • On your iPhone, open the Health app and go to the Sleep section.
  • Select the full schedule and follow the same steps that we have seen on the clock.
  • Don’t forget to add the sleep goal as well as the time to relax.


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For the weekend, unless you have a fixed schedule, it is best to leave it without an alarm. From now on, you will see that the alarms you have configured for sleep monitoring are added to your alarms . From the Alarms or Clock app of the Apple Watch or iPhone, you will see how the time you have specified appears. Which does not mean that you add the ones you want later.

Manual activation and minimum battery level

Revised the automatic method, we can also activate sleep monitoring on the Apple Watch manually . To do this, we just have to slide the Control Center of the clock and look for the button that activates and turns off Sleep. When we have it activated, both the watch and the iPhone will go to that kind of do not disturb mode.

Both will remain so until we deactivate it by hand or the time comes when it deactivates itself. That said, one realizes how similar it is to the usual do not disturb mode . To finish this tutorial, there is one aspect that we cannot ignore. And that’s the battery.

Sleep monitoring now comes standard on watchOS 7, ensuring that all users who want it have an interesting starting point to monitor their sleep.

WatchOS 7 sleep monitoring implies that we have to sleep with the watch on every night. At least the nights we want to analyze our rest. And that means that you need a minimum level of battery to be able to comfortably arrive the next day. That battery level is 30%, at which point the watch will warn you a few minutes before activating the relaxation period so that you can charge your watch in case you don’t have enough.


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Apple has created a fairly well thought-out sleep analysis feature. With schedules, alerts, automations, screen brightness adjustment and much more. Other apps will do a deep analysis of the data , but with this function the company demonstrates what it is capable of achieving with the integration not only of hardware and software but also of its ecosystem.


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