How to modify or replace all fonts in a PowerPoint presentation?

Working on a presentation can become a bit tedious, especially when at the last minute you have to replace all the fonts of it, although the PowerPoint program offers you an alternative to this problem.

Surely you are already familiar with this name, this program is the slide designer for exhibitions par excellence, and every year or launch it acquires better tools to optimize the user experience, such as animating text,  making a text appear or disappear and you can even make animations in PowerPoint.

Replace all fonts using the simplest methods

There are different ways to change the fonts for all the text boxes in the PowerPoint template. Specifically, you can achieve it in a practical way using two methods within the program.

Change fonts by changing the template style

The default PowerPoint templates are presented with a standard design and black and white colors, this precisely so that you can exploit all your creativity when creating it.

But, this implies doing everything manually, and if you are in a hurry, or simply recreating a creative presentation is not your thing, you also have different models that include their own colors and fonts.

Although using this method would be a bit drastic if you just want to replace all the fonts in the template. Even so, it is considered as one of the means to achieve this, despite not focusing on the style of writing.

This can be done from the “Design” tab at the top of the screen. When you press there, you will see the different types that it offers, and when selecting any you will see how the changes are applied automatically, including the font.

Change fonts for each sheet on the slide

Another way you can replace the fonts of a presentation is to do it individually for each of the sheets of the slide, using one of the keyboard buttons.

Although it may seem a bit more laborious, carrying out this method per sheet will not be as time consuming as you think, and you can complete it in a few minutes and without overexertion.

What you have to do is select any of the sheets from the side menu on the left, and choose each of the text boxes on that page by holding down the “Control” key.

In this way, each and every one of them will remain selected. Now, to replace all the fonts in them, you must scroll to the “Fonts” box and choose the type of writing from the drop-down menu, next to the font size.

Is there a way to change the font of all the foils in one motion?

Do you want each and every one of the paintings in their entirety to have the same font? It is possible to achieve this from the “Start” tab of the presentation, and doing so does not require too many processes. In fact, it turns out to be very simple.

Now, once you have created different sheets, but you have decided that the font is not suitable, you can select all the sheets using the “Control” key .

This process is similar to the one applied with text boxes, you just have to press the button and click with the mouse pointer each of the boxes in the side menu on the left.

When you finish choosing them, you must scroll within the home tab to an option on the right side that says “Edit”, which, in addition, will have a small arrow pointing down, which will open a small menu.

There, you will see other options, choose the second one, it will also have an indicator and you must press it to see additional alternatives, where the tool to replace all fonts is located.

This will have the name “Replace fonts …” and, when you choose it, a small box will appear with the different fonts, choose the one you want (primary and secondary) and, finally, click on “Replace”.


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