How to merge videos on Windows

You have some videos on your home PC and are wondering how to merge videos on Windows ? Maybe by downloading a free video joining program that is simple to use? You have come to the right place, in this short article I will try to show you the best programs to join videos from Windows.

I anticipate immediately that if your PC is too old a dumpster to paste two videos together, then instead of a program you could consider using free services available on the net to join online videos .


  • Merge videos on Windows
    • Merge videos with VLC
    • Avidemux
    • Virtual Dub
    • Media Join
    • Free Video Cutter Joiner

Merge videos on Windows

Merge videos with VLC

If you only need to merge videos on Windows without transition effects then you will not need special programs to merge videos but you can safely use VLC; surely you will already know and use VLC to listen to music and watch movies from your computer but in reality this program can do much more like joining videos on Windows.

If you still don’t use VLC, you can download it from the official website by clicking on Download VLC or, if you want the portable version for windows from this address.

To merge videos with VLC select the Media menu at the top left and then choose the Open multiple files item . From the window that will be displayed, press the Add button and select the videos to be joined together. Keep in mind that the videos will be merged following the order displayed in the Select File box . When done, press the Play button at the bottom right and select the Convert item .

Select the folder and file name for the final video and when done press the Start button to merge the files.

Joining videos on Windows with VLC is extremely simple but it has some limitations; first of all you cannot set transition effects between one video and another and also you cannot merge videos with different formats.


I had already talked about Avidemux in a previous article where I had illustrated how to insert text into videos. This is because Avidemux not only allows you to merge videos together; in reality it is a powerful video editor completely free that allows you to perform many operations on the video such as adding an image or text or even a subtitle file.

You can download Avidemux from its official website by clicking on the word download on the left and then clicking on the word FossHub next to the version you want to download. Once downloaded, start the installation file and follow the instructions (it will simply be a matter of accepting the terms of use).

To join videos on Windows with Avidemux select the File menu n the upper left voice Add and select the video to be joined one at a time and then select the File menu select Save and specify the destination folder of the file with the joined video. Avidemux also allows you to set transition effects between videos and change the resolution and final format.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is a powerful video editor so it cannot be missing in the list of programs to join videos. Among its many functions for editing there is also that of merging videos and inserting transition effects between one video and another. It is not easy to use and requires some experience.

Media Join

Among the programs to join videos on Windows there is also Media Join which is characterized by its ease of use. It is a very simple program to use but which only and exclusively allows you to merge videos and does not allow you to insert transition effects between one video and another.

Free Video Cutter Joiner

Another great program for joining videos on Windows is Free Video Cutter Joiner . It is a software that allows you to cut and merge videos from windows very easy to use.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a free video joining program for windows you are spoiled for choice. If you are looking for something simple, without too many pretensions you can use VLC directly otherwise you can use Avidemux.

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