How to merge videos on Android

Nowadays, smartphones are used more for shooting videos than for making phone calls! If you also use your mobile often to make videos then you will surely have felt the need to  merge videos on Android ; maybe to post the video on TikTok or Youtube. Fortunately, there is no shortage of android apps to merge videos and in this guide, without losing too much in unnecessary details, I will explain how to merge videos on Android in a simple and fast way, showing you the best apps. If you are looking for apps to merge videos on iphone, consult this guide. .


  • Merge videos on Android
    • VMER Video Merger Joiner Free
    • Quik
    • AndroVid Video Editor
    • VidTrim
    • VideoMerge

Merge videos on Android

I state that you will find many android apps to join videos and almost all free but there are very few valid ones. In this guide I will list five valid apps, some very intuitive and simple to use, others more complete but also more complex to use.

VMER Video Merger Joiner Free

VMER Video Merger Joiner Free is an app for joining videos on Android that is characterized by its ease of use and the absence of particular functions; in fact it only allows you to paste videos without the possibility to choose particular transition effects or filters. The advantage is that it is very simple to use and immediate. Just press the + button to add the videos you want to merge and then press Merge to merge them together.


Quik is an android app to merge videos designed for the GoPro cam action but you can safely use it to merge videos on Android. It has 23 themes to use and a lot of features. Joining videos with Quik is very simple; all you have to do is open the app and add the saws by pressing the + button. Press the button with the pencil symbol and then select the part of the videos to be joined; you will need to select a range in the first video and then a range in the second. Once done, press the share button (the button with the square symbol and the arrow) and press Save without sharing to save the merged video.

AndroVid Video Editor

AndroVid Video Editor is a video editor for Android that, among many functions, also allows you to join videos together. The app has many functions but it is quite complicated to use for those who are not very practical.


VidTrim is another android app for joining videos; in reality this application is a real video editor for android that allows you to rotate videos, cut them and obviously merge them together.


VideoMerge is another android app for joining videos; it is not a video editor but an app that only allows you to merge multiple videos. The peculiar feature of this app is the ability to choose how to merge videos. You can in fact join two videos side by side or one above the other and obviously also in sequence.

So, in conclusion, there is certainly no shortage of android apps to join videos If you are looking for a very simple application to use then use VMER Video Merger Joiner Free if instead you need something more complete I recommend using AndroVid Video Editor.

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