How to Merge Multiple VOB Files into One

Perhaps it has happened to you that when trying to convert a movie from a DVD to another format such as VOB, you have noticed that for some reason it has been divided into several files.

Sure, of course you want to join all these VOB files into a single file as it was originally, but how can you do it? In this article we will show you in a simple way how to join several VOB files into one.

What are VOB files?

VOB stands for Versioned Object Base or DVD-Video Object, these are multimedia files included in DVD-Video discs whose function is to help store important data.

This means that they are capable of containing stream menus, videos, subtitles, audios, among other data related to this. This was developed by DVD Forum, an organization that introduced this encoded format maintaining the ISO 13818 MPEG-2 audio and video standard, but how to play or convert .VOB or DVD Video_TS files in Windows 10?

One of the positive features of this format is that its extension can be modified to “.mpg” or “.mpeg” and still keep the information legible.

It should be noted that although this is possible, the truth is that not all viewers support this modification, so they end up excluding certain data such as subtitles.

If you expect to burn VOB files to a DVD + R disc , that is, to a disc that can only be burned once, you won’t be able to do it alone. It will be very useful to use the help of other files or DVD-Video files such as BUP and IFO. In the same way we teach you to burn a CD or DVD with several files without programs .

How to join multiple VOB files into one easily and quickly?

Now that you know what a VOB file is, it is time to talk about the process that will join or combine each file that is the product of the division generated at the beginning.

To carry out this process, you will need to use a program like Filmora Video Editor, a video editor that in this case will be the main tool to solve this problem.

With Filmora Video Editor you will be able to join a set of VOB files in the blink of an eye in order to have a single VOB file (it also works for WMV, MOV or AVI files) where excellent quality will also be maintained with optimal audio and video terms.

So, if you obtain from the same video several files or clips in a VOB format and your intention is to take each one to join us in a DVD, this is the ideal program to carry out the procedure, just follow the small step by step that we will give you.

Of course, before starting the instructions you must download and install the program from the official site of Filmora Video Editor . Once it is running on your Windows computer select the “aspect ratio” , choose 16: 9 or 4: 3 in this way you will enter the main interface of the program.

Step 1

This step consists of importing the VOB files into the Filmora program for later unification. For this you must locate the option “Import” from here it will be possible to indicate each of the files, either from the pc or from the hard drive.

Step 2

You must realize that the set of files or video clips in VOB format that it hopes to join are in the correct order , that is, when they are played they follow the thread in a coherent way.

It is possible to verify this from the editor’s slider bar, so you will be able to give it the expected sequence without overlaying any file or clips on top of another.

Step 3

The third and final step is to export the final video in VOB format and later burn it to DVD if required. To open the output window you must click on the option “Create” , then you will find the option “Save”. To save the video you must select the format in which you want it and this time we will select the “VOB”.

Now, since you have the video in VOB format, recording it on DVD is not complicated, you just have to go to the “DVD” section and start the recording process. You can also learn how to view and convert .VOB video files on Windows 10


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