How to measure complete distances and area in Google Earth?

Between Google Earth and Google Maps you can find almost anything you want to see and know from the comfort of your home and through your computer . One of the updates presented by the first was the possibility of knowing distances. However, now you can be more specific in your search and measure distances and complete areas in Google Earth.

Google Earth is like a much more advanced version of Google Maps and with more specific functions for more experienced users. Or even experts in scientific matters. This includes satellite photos of the planet , in three dimensions and with much more detail.

Considerations before measuring distances and complete areas in Google Earth

Although the measurements can be as long as you want, for example, from your home to Japan or Australia, because the truth is that there are no limitations in that regard. These are not 100 percent accurate , especially when dealing with uneven terrain and the interposition of buildings.

Of course, if you are going to measure distances like those that can be unreal, you should not worry so much about that. With shorter distances you tend to be more specific and accurate.

You can measure distances between a starting point and the end or between that starting point and different intermediates that are on the road or distance that you want to travel or know. That is, you can calculate both route and lines.

You can also use Google Earth Pro or Google Maps to measure distances and area by performing other actions such as forming polygons in areas to calculate the measure of a ground shape. Make circles, routes in three dimensions. And, 3D polygons also to see height, width and space of buildings.

Steps to take measurements

This tool to measure distances and complete areas in Google Earth , is of course available for the Chrome search engine. Also, for operating systems like iOS and Android, however, it is not available in the Firefox browser .

Measure the distance from your computer

  • Enter Google Earth through your Google account. Look for the icon that looks like a ruler near the bottom of the toolbar on the left of the screen. Clicking on it will open a new menu .
  • Find the area you want to measure or select a location directly from the globe. Now, hit “Measure” on the left side to switch to a top view of the area in question.

Proceed to place your starting point on the surface or place where you want to start measuring distances and complete areas in Google Earth.

You can remove a point in the “Undo” option and to complete the measurement line, double click on that last marking. To measure the complete area itself until you manage to enclose the said area, in the previous box, this new measurement should now appear.

  • Move the cursor the distance you want and in the direction you want so that you can see how the line marks the route you are creating.
  • Then, when you finish and place your last point, a box will appear with the distance of those points in different measurement systems.

Measure the distance with your phones

To measure distances and complete areas in Google Earth with phones, the steps are not so different from the previous ones . Discover how you can do this in each operating system below: While on your mobile, open the Google Earth application and also select the place within the globe.

Then, select “Measure” and go adding points with “Add a point” while moving the map. Press “Done” once you are done and at the bottom will be the measurement.


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