How to master Quickscoping / Quick Sight and be a better sniper in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile battle royale game developed by Tencent and published by Activision. The game was released in October as a direct competitor to PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile has one of the biggest releases in the history of mobile games. The game currently has a total of more than 250 million downloads on the Google Play Store .

Call of Duty Mobile has 2 main modes: Battle Royale and Multiplayer. Both modes use the same set of Call of Duty Mobile weapons. The only difference is that in Multiplayer, you need to own the weapon by leveling up before you can use it on your charge.

There are several weapon options for players, including sniper rifles. The sniper rifles are powerful weapons with high damage shot that let down an enemy in only 1 or 2 shots, making it the kind of favorite weapon of many players.

However, sniper rifles have a low rate of fire and require players to have precise aim in order to use it effectively. That’s why mastering sniper skills in Call of Duty Mobile is like mastering an art that only the best players can do . It is difficult to do and it is also charming at the same time.

Quickscoping will help you kill other players much faster

Today we are going to show you one of the most basic and important skills you need to know as a sniper along with additional tips and tricks to become a better sniper.


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What is Quickscoping or Quick Peephole?

Quickscoping is a very common term in the FPS community, especially for snipers. It means shooting right after the moment the viewfinder is put on and the viewfinder is pulled out immediately. This way your shot will go to the right place where your crosshairs is, while still having the full view of everything around you most of the time.

How to do Quickscoping?

Since Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile game, it is more difficult to do a quick reach because you need to use two fingers alternately very fast . However, there is this one button mode.

Go to settings and switch your sniper rifles to 1-button fast range ADS

Go to settings and choose the Control tab . Choose Advance mode , check the Custom box, and then hit the Cog icon. Now go down to the Sniper Rifles part and choose ADS . In this way, you can only use the Shoot button. Is that how it works. When using a sniper rifle, press and hold the fire button to go to ADS and release it to fire.

This trick will help you improve very quickly. This is the setting that all professional gamers are using and you should too.

How to Make Quickscope Like a Pro: Tips + Tricks

For everything to be effective, you need to have a good cross placement first, of course. That means the enemy must be in the center of your screen before you reach it.


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You need to have a lot of experience in the game so that you can get an idea of where the enemy will be . Of course, your movements must also be precise to have a clean shot and quickly take down other players with your sniper.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn it or not, sniper is important in both multiplayer and battle royale mode. Learning to sniping will improve your K / D / A significantly and you will learn to adapt to deal with different situations.

The most important thing when sniping in Call of Duty Mobile is your position.

Here are some of the few tips and tricks for you to become a better sniper in PUBG Mobile.

⇨ Learning about the map to find the best place for the sniper. High ground, small windows, and narrow hallways are your best friends. They will help you hide while you prepare a good position for a clean shot.

⇨ Have adequate sensitivity for its control. Like in any other shooter game, sensitivity is a very important factor that can determine how you perform in the game.

⇨ Have the right pack set with the right types of gear to aid you in the hunt. The Trophy System will protect your Predator missiles, grenades, stunners, smoke grenades, … while the mines will stop the enemies that try to enter our location.


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