How to mark an email as important in Gmail

The emails are Internet services that help people communicate and store lots of messages. Today, there are various platforms by which to maintain contact from the mobile phone or from the pc. For example, networks like Line or WhatsApp , are messaging applications that can be used.

For important meetings, many students prefer to use Google meet from their computer, however, the classic Gmail email never goes out of style due to its ease of use and the amount of emails and contacts that can be stored. Creating an email account is simple after having it, you just have to learn how to use the details of it.

This article will show you how to handle the tools that Gmail provides , focusing on how to mark an email or Gmail contact as Favorite, Important, or Priority. By doing so, you won’t get lost in your inbox.

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  1. What are Gmail emails and favorite contacts?
  2. How to classify your emails in Gmail
    1. What tags can I use
  3. How to put your emails high priority in Gmail
    1. On computer
    2. On Android
    3. On iPhone
  4. How to send a notification email to the main page
  5. What other actions does Gmail provide to its users?

What are Gmail emails and favorite contacts?

These favorites are nothing more than the ones featured on the platform . They are known as the most important or urgent messages or contacts, since these to be marked stand out from the others and do not move from their place when other emails are entering. They always appear at the top of the screen.

Messages that contain files of great importance to the user are often highlighted. Done like this, at some point when it is needed, it can be located very easily . Some prefer to use the markers in conversations or contacts that are of a work nature, because in this way they are at hand for an emergency.

The Gmail platform can send some messages made by contacts as SPAM content and separate them from the rest of the messages in the inbox in case the contact messages frequently. Therefore, the fact of marking them keeps them insured so that this action does not happen .

Steps to follow to mark contacts and emails as favorites not only from the pc but from the cell phone.
In order for the contacts to be marked safely in the Gmail account, you have to follow a few steps without skipping any of them. These will be highlighted with stars or with a hook that will appear gray at the edge of the highlighted contact and will leave it anchored above.

The steps to follow are: Enter the email account. Locate yourself in the received messages tray and at the same time locate the message that needs to be pinned on this occasion. To do this, the option that will leave them as a highlighted message will be displayed on the left.

Lastly, what if the starred messages cannot be located? The user will only have to move to the menu. The menu is located on the left of the screen. A “+” symbol will show the highlight option among some options. By accessing this, the user will be able to notice the emails that are in that category of highlights. This way it will be done.

How to classify your emails in Gmail

Classifying emails in Gmail can be very important as it will help keep your inbox organized . This way you will not have the important information in a disorganized way.

To classify emails in Gmail, what you must do is search for the email or emails that you want to classify. After that you will select the check box that the emails have. To be able to search for the option of more configurations and thus be able to select the option that says filter messages. When you click on filter messages, you will be able to add the category or note you want.

What tags can I use

The labels that you must use to be able to classify the emails, must be those that go according to each email so that they can be organized. This way it will be much easier to locate an email . To do this, what you must do is click on the ‘More’ part of the email. In this way you will be able to select the label option and when adding it you only have to press where it says ‘Apply’.

How to put your emails high priority in Gmail

So that you can put your received emails in Gmail with a high priority, you just have to follow a few simple steps. But then we are going to explain how you can do it from your computer, your Android mobile or iPhone.

On computer

If you have an email in your Gmail inbox but you want to position it as an important email, what you should do is open your Gmail from Google Chrome. The next step is nothing more than searching and selecting the email that is important to you. By being there you will be able to observe three points that are together. You have to click on those three points to bring up the option to ‘Set importance’ and select where it says ‘High’.

On Android

Now to make the selection of important emails from your android you must follow the same steps that you do from the computer. With the only variant that to select the email you have to search for it from the ‘Gmail’ application that must be installed as a factory default on the mobile.

On iPhone

In the case of iPhone we can tell you that the steps to follow remain the same as those you are going to use from the computer. Only here to be able to select the email you need to look in the inbox that you must open from the iPhone search engine.

How to send a notification email to the main page

In order for you to carry out this process of sending a notification email to the main page, you must go to the settings part where it says ‘Desktop notifications’. Once you click there you can make all the changes and adjustments you want and then select where it says ‘Save changes’.

What other actions does Gmail provide to its users?

Gmail provides useful options to all users who are using its platform. Among these options are labels that can be placed so that the mail is organized in a more pleasant way. With the labels you have the advantage of putting the emails together in a group and ordering the users to access them in a direct and fast way.

Another option that is displayed is to schedule the messages. Yes, a Gmail user can schedule in advance the sending of an important message that he will need to send at a certain time. You only need to follow a few steps.

Enter the Gmail tray and click on compose. After typing what will need to be programmed, select an arrow located right next to the “send” option in Gmail. Under that section, the option will appear so that the sending can be programmed. The date and time for delivery can be set .

Thanks to all these Gmail actions, users can use an electronic messaging network with many possibilities. Starred messages and contacts provide help for those who need to prioritize important emails.

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