How to manage WhatsApp multimedia files?

Currently, WhatsApp is an excellent service that allows generating optimal communication over the phone. In this way, we can send and receive photos, videos, voice notes and images, that is, multimedia files. If you want to know how to manage multimedia files on WhatsApp? Then this article will be of great use to you.

Before starting, it is highly recommended that you consider a virus and junk cleaner for your Android , as it will help you with the purpose of what we are dealing with today.

How to manage WhatsApp multimedia files?

When we use WhatsApp, it is inevitable to share a large amount of multimedia content. These are stored in folders that we can access to reuse, move or delete files in case they are not essential.

Next, we present all the information you need to know about multimedia, its relationship with WhatsApp and the simplest ways to manage these files in order to optimize your mobile device.

What are multimedia files?

The media refer to all objects that use multiple means of expression to present information. Said media can be images, sounds, videos, animations, among others.

Multimedia objects

The media objects consist of: audio files that are stored in different formats, video files that have a size, a resolution and a certain compatibility, the flash files are widely supported by web browsers facilitating access to interactive content, images and PDF files.

What are multimedia files for?

Multimedia files are used to present information digitally or physically through devices that allow the display and / or reproduction of these contents . Furthermore, they are used to establish dynamic communication between users.

Where do I find the WhatsApp multimedia files?

If you installed the WhatsApp application on a sd memory of your phone, then the WhatsApp multimedia files will be in the “sdcard” folder. There you will find the folder “Whatsapp” and then another one with the name “Media”. The application divides the multimedia content according to the type, be it videos, images or voice notes.

On the other hand, if WhatsApp was installed in the physical memory of the phone, you will find the folder of this application directly in this storage unit. The search procedure follows the same path as above: Whatsapp / Media /

Managing WhatsApp multimedia files manually

To manage multimedia files , you should know that the WhatsApp service has a folder where all the multimedia files that you send and receive are automatically saved. For this reason, it is important that you locate this content (as explained above) in order to proceed to manage it.

Prevent media files from being saved automatically

If you do not want to store multimedia files automatically, you must go to the WhatsApp application and look for the option “Settings”. Then, in “Chats” select “Show files in gallery” and press the “Deactivate” option Thus, WhatsApp will stop saving multimedia content that could occupy a considerable amount of your memory.

Delete WhatsApp media files

To delete multimedia files you must go to the folder “WhatsApp” and then to “Media”. In this route you will find all the content that you have sent and received. Later, you must choose the files you want to delete manually.


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