How to manage, save or delete Podcasts on an iPhone

At present, one of the actions that we carry out in a common way is to enter the internet, a platform on which we can support ourselves for different tasks and jobs and look for different alternatives in your favorite browser .

Likewise, within this platform, it is possible that in addition to finding various useful tools for our daily life, we can also find quality content that we like and which we want in one way or another to have stored within our devices.

IPhone devices have the ability to store a large number of files in audio or video format, among them, the most popular that we can highlight are podcasts, which are small recordings of celebrities or people of our interest, which you can download on platforms like Spotify and even create your own with the help of an app called Anchor .

However, with the constant download of these elements, it is quite common for our device to reach its maximum capacity and with this we need to free up space ; learn about how to free up space inside your iPhone in this detailed and simple tutorial.

Manage all the storage on your device

These are simple steps which you must follow to the letter, if you wish, free up your phone’s memory a bit. The steps are the following:

  1. Start by opening the “Settings” application on your mobile device , and then enter the “General” option .
  2. Within this option, you need to locate and press the option ” iPhone / iPad Storage “, in which we will see that a list will open.
  3. Just in the lower section of this list, we can see the option ” Podcasts or TV “
  4. When you enter this section, you will see that both options and steps correspond to both entertainment tools, so in both cases, these steps to follow will serve the same purpose.
  5. If you locate within the information that corresponds to each application, we can find a list which shows us all the programs we have seen and also the episodes that are downloaded within the device.

If you want to delete a specific element, you just have to slide to the right on the element and after that, press the “Delete” button .

Activating the option to “delete automatically”

This is a very simple option which will help us even when we least expect it, since with it, we can free up space, even when we least expect it.

To do this, we only have to enter into the settings of our device , and later, go to the “Podcasts” tab , in which we can find all the settings related to it.

However, within this function, what interests us is the function that we will find right at the end of the list, which will allow us to eliminate any type of audio within the application that we have completely reproduced.

Among the tools that interest us the most is the function that we can find in the final section of the menu , in which we will see the section on ” Delete reproduced “. In this way, only those audios that you have listened to in their entirety will be deleted.

In the same way, if you want to deactivate this option, you just have to re-enter its settings and you will see how to deactivate it easily and quickly.

Deleting podcasts that have been played

This is a manual option which you must activate within the application tab , in case you do not have it active, to do this, you must follow one small steps.

Start by entering the application and check the box, those Podcasts that you no longer want to listen to and then at the top, just click on “delete” so that it is automatically deleted.


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