How to manage mobile devices from Google Chrome

One of the main goals of technology is the fact that all mobile devices have direct communication with each other, which is established without any type of cables through, however, this is not always as easy as it sounds.

A remote access, conforms to a special technology, with which you can control various devices remotely, usually this action can be done normally without any type of cables; since the devices connect via WiFi or, failing that, via Bluetooth , thanks to a local network connection.

Remote access is a practical tool that you can find within this technological world; With it, you can manage various computer networks or even some mobile devices without the need to be handling them physically.

In the same way, this works in the case of some mobile devices , it is all a matter of evaluating the possibilities that each device has. In this post, I want to give you multiple keys which will be elementary with which you can manage various mobile devices from Google Chrome.


One of the best applications you can find for this task is AirDroid, with which you can have total control of your Android mobile device from the comfort of your web browser.

AirDroid is one of the best known solutions in this task, since it has an easy installation which also does not require further configuration.

Likewise, this is an application which offers its users various functions , which are totally free, however, some of its more special functions; if it requires a special subscription, which you can purchase in the information section of the application itself.

In order to use it correctly you must start by installing the application on your mobile device , and then proceed to the creation of your user account, which is also totally free.

Once installed, you only have to proceed to open the online version of the application, with which the page will ask you to access through the username and password that you have previously created. Once this is done, you can have access to your mobile device, without the need to use the internet or cables.


This is the main competence of AirDroid , since the proposal of this application is a simple interface and compact design, with which it is possible to handle it, without any problem.

Likewise, its installation and use are complete and without complications, since within the application it has small tutorials with which you can learn to use it without any problem. Also within its attractions we can highlight the fact that the application shows you in real time, the screen of your Android device .


A proposal that has attracted attention in recent times, despite having an aesthetic not as careful as it is sought with other applications, but which, nevertheless, is recognized as one of the most efficient in the market.

However, it is known that this application works by subscription and with it a payment that must be made before using the application, despite this, you have the possibility of trying it for a month for free in order to know a little about she.

PAW Server

If you are interested in accessing the content that is inside your Android, by remote access, this is the application for you. Although its operation is not as sophisticated as the ones we have presented in this post, it is a great option; if what you need is simplicity and security in everything you are carrying out.

Its use is not different from the applications described above, on the contrary, it is much simpler, since once the application is downloaded  It provides you with a URL address , with which you can access all the content that is inside the device remotely.


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