How to manage filters and effects on Instagram

If you use the Instagram social network on a daily basis, you have certainly noticed the appropriate improvements that have come to light in the latest versions of the application. In addition to the dark mode, for example, we also experienced brand new effects that also use augmented reality. Let’s take a look at how you can manage filters and effects in the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad in this guide.

How to manage filters and effects on Instagram

As a first step, you will probably be interested in how you can add effects to your application. It’s definitely not complicated, but if you don’t know the exact procedure, you may not have discovered this possibility yet. To open the effects gallery, just open the Instagram app and then tap the camera icon in the upper left corner . This will take you to the camera interface. Here, all you have to do is move to the far right to the very end in the lower bubbles, in which there are various effects . Here’s a bubble with a magnifying glass icon called View Effects . If you click on this bubble, you will appear in the effects galleryfrom where you can download them.

Add effects to Instagram

If you like an effect, just click on it Then a preview of it will appear, and all you have to do is click Try in the lower left corner This allows you to test the effect you have chosen before installing it. If you like the effect, click on its name at the bottom , and then select Save Effect from the menu that appears . You can move further in the effects gallery using the bubbles at the bottom of the screen, or with a crossmove back to the gallery. Unfortunately, the effects gallery doesn’t have any search options yet. If you want to find an effect, you simply have to scroll down and down until you find it, or you can use the tags at the top of the screen.

Effects from friends and stories

However, you can most often get the effects from your friends, who can send it to you as a photo in Direct Messages, or you can view them in users’ stories. If you want to add an effect from a message or story, just click on its name under the user name at the top left. Then you will see the effect menu, where you can easily try it out or add it right away .

Apply and remove effects

Once you have the effects added, there is nothing easier than to start using them. To do this, move back to the camera in Instagram . All the effects you downloaded yourself are to the left of the default effect-free bubble . The pre-installed and Instagram effects are then located to the right of the default bubble . To apply the effect, swipe it and you’re done. In case you would like to remove the effect, just click on its name at the bottom of the screen. Then select the Next icon from the menu , and then tap Remove in the menu .

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