How to manage and motivate employees to get the best results

good manager , to better manage and guide his people, must adopt different techniques and methodologies ranging from communication, to routine meetings or extraordinary meetings, and much more.
In this article we want to describe a method that involves a periodic meeting between manager and employee , in which the manager asks specific questions whose purpose is to better understand the needs and to know the strengths of the employee .

The premises

Before describing in detail how this meeting should take place, we want to recall some simple but basic concepts.


When managing people, the first rule to remember is that communication is not the speaker’s intention but the listener’s feedback.
The communication is a circular process in two-way


  1. transmission as attention to what starts
  2. understanding as attention to what comes back.



Furthermore, communication is only effective when the following aspects are taken into account and adapted to them:

  • the language of the recipient (recipient person)
  • the language required by the objective of the message to be given
  • the language required by the environment around us.


It is essential to know that communication is only minimally verbal , 90% of communication is made up of our body language and para-verbal language , as you can learn more in ” What we say with our eyes and reveal with our senses “.

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The environment
A good management of human resources requires that a receptive environment is also set up, with a climate of  trust and esteem , therefore it is necessary that  in this environment the manager :

  1. always acts correctly and consistently
  2. keep its promises and be transparent
  3. evaluate not only the results but also the methods by which they were achieved
  4. use respect and courtesy with all people.


The network
It should also be remembered that it is very important to have and develop the ability to network with others . Relationships must be built intentionally.

Having NETWORK helps you grow and work better, keeping in mind that a simple method to improve is to  study the best men  and companies learn from their best men.

The method

We come to the method that a good manager must follow to guide and direct his collaborators well:

  • set goalsthat are specific, measurable and achievable
  • make predictions and project trends
  • establish guidelineswith criteria and rules to follow
  • make work plans with definition of priorities, responsibilities and deadlines
  • define working methodsin order to pursue effectiveness and efficiency
  • always perform cost and benefitassessments to make the right choices between the various alternatives.

Underlying all this is the assumption that the manager knows his employee well .

An effective way to get to know your collaborators well is to ask each of them :

  • what do you think are your strengths?
  • what about your weaknesses?
  • are you a person who saysor one to be asked?
  • how can i help youin your work?


But how can the manager do all this?
He must communicate with his collaborators , he must listen to them, ask them specific questions to know and understand what and how they think. All this can be done by organizing specific meetings with them .



Conduct of the meeting between manager and employee

A very useful and valid technique to guide and motivate your collaborators is to organize meetings with the single person whose purpose is:

  • know its strengths
  • know his needs
  • make the objectives known.


This meeting should be led by the manager asking the following three questions :

  1. what activitieshave you undertaken?
  2. what have you learnedor what have you discovered?
  3. what relationshipshave you created?


After about ten minutes, the meeting must be  oriented towards the future , and the manager must ask these questions:

  • what is your main goalin the next 6 months?
  • what do you plan to learnin the next 6 months?
  • what new relationshipsdo you intend to build and which ones do you intend to strengthen?


If the meeting is advanced , the manager must also ask 5 other career discovery questions :

  1. how would you describe your success in the current role?
  2. what are the things you are really good at?
  3. what aspect of your role do you like best and why?
  4. in which aspect of your role do you find yourself most in difficulty?
  5. what role would you like to fill and why?




When to meet

The meeting between the manager and the collaborator must take place a  few weeks after hiring the collaborator  or after assuming the new responsibility.
Then it must be done periodically, approximately every year, and the manager must spend about an hour with his collaborator.


Remember that this meeting is not the one relating to the evaluation of the collaborator’s performance and it is good that the two meetings take place in distinct periods .
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