How to manage and create multiple user profiles in Mozilla Firefox

Managing various profiles within the Mozilla browser has been one of the most recent skills that the program has acquired, in order to give new comforts to the user who needs it.

The company that was responsible for developing this browser decided to allow this style of configurations, due to the requests it received from the community.

At present, different accounts can be used within a navigation software to manage certain types of activities.

A clear example of this is creating a work profile, with which you manage your professional or bank accounts, while through another personal profile you work with social media sessions and other entertainment platforms. Learning to work in this way is quite simple, so through this article we will teach you how to achieve it.

Firefox main access to manage multiple profiles

The browsers such as Mozilla keep personal information within a file folders that are known as “profile”, located within the disk of the computer.

Each time the creation of a new user profile is enabled , a new folder will be created within this space to store the data, which in turn will be executed in a totally independent way from the others.

Unfortunately, the program’s default settings only allow you to work with one account at a time, so the administrator is the one who helps decide which one to use.

Create a new Firefox user

To manage multiple profiles, you must mainly have more than one. Within the browser administrator you can find the option to ” Create a new profile .”

This procedure does not have any type of complication , since the information requested ranges from personal data to the configuration that you want to manage within the account. Once you have completed the registration of the new user, this will be added automatically to the “Profile Manager”.

Work with the profile manager

This useful tool can be accessed through the “Run” dialog box, by simply typing ” firefox.exe -p “, which will launch a Mozilla window that takes you directly to the administrator.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to enter the section from the explorer, you will only need to type ” about: profiles ” in the navigation bar, and then press “Enter”. A series of options will be displayed on the screen that will allow you to manage various profiles .

Among these is the “Create a new profile” button , whose function we have already discussed; modification options such as “Rename” or “Delete profile”.

Besides, there are also two very useful buttons for your purpose, as it offers the possibility of “Run profile in another browser”. This function will open a new Mozilla window, which will be working based on the selected profile.

The other button is responsible for “Set as default profile” , so that the session started is changed and the data of this account is worked with.

Containers: A plugin that will help you manage multiple profiles

Since the demand for the use of different accounts simultaneously increases daily, the company in charge of Mozilla took care of developing a plugin or extension that will facilitate this access to its users .

Known by the name of ” Containers “, it is a complement that is responsible for opening new tabs with user accounts within each one .

That is, in the browser window you can enable a tab for using a specific profile. In this way, in your personal account you can enter Twitter, in the professional account to your bank accounts and so on.

Currently it is very beneficial to have tools that make it easier for you to operate within the Internet platform, even granting an order within the context. Therefore, we can thank Mozilla Firefox for finally enabling this option within their system.


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