How to make your Xiaomi notify you

MIUI, the personalized layer of Xiaomi phones, offers us a lot of tricks to make the most of our phone . With them, it is possible, for example, to replace the icons with those of Google in the notification bar, set a video as wallpaper or know the RAM available in multitasking .

The trick that we bring today allows us to see the data consumed from our monthly rate from the notifications panel of a Xiaomi phone, something very useful if you do not have an unlimited or fairly loose data plan. It is even possible to set up a notification to notify us when we have consumed a certain percentage of our monthly data bonus.


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Don’t overdo your data consumption

If you have contracted an adjusted mobile data rate and you want to know how many gigs you have spent to manage your monthly bonus, you can have MIUI show it to you instantly on your Xiaomi mobile. To do this, you do not need to install any application, just follow a few simple steps that we will explain below.

First of all, to have a more precise control of data consumption, Xiaomi needs you to tell it what day of the month your bill begins and how much data you have contracted in your rate. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Security app.
  • Enter the application Settings bytapping on the icon that you will find in the upper right corner.
  • Click on ‘Data usage’.
  • In the ‘Data usage settings’ section, click on the ‘Data plan’option .

In that section, you can set the ‘Monthly data limit , that is, the number of gigs that your rate includes. From there, you can also indicate the day of ‘Restart the billing period’ and, something very useful, define alerts ‘When the data plan runs out’ or when you have consumed a certain percentage of your monthly bonus. For the latter, click on ‘Data usage warning level’ and set the percentage you prefer.

Once all these settings have been established, you can tell MIUI to show you how much data you have consumed by displaying the quick settings panel, just above the brightness bar. To do this, open the Security app> Settings> ‘Data usage’ and, in the ‘Additional settings’ section, activate the ‘Data usage notifications’ option .

As you can see, although it is a bit hidden, it is a very practical function that, quickly and easily, will allow you to keep track of the mobile data consumed in real time . Thus, you will be able to better manage the bonus included in your operator’s rate so as not to run out of gigs

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