How to make viral videos for your social networks?

The rise of social media has engulfed the entire millennial community. And surely at some point in your life you have wanted your videos to go viral in the technology community. If so, here we will leave you some tips to make viral videos on your networks. That will undoubtedly make you be in several starts constantly, so your followers on Facebook and friends on other networks will get bigger and bigger.

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  1. What are the videos that usually go viral on social networks?
  2. What can you do to make your videos go viral on your social networks?
    1. Choose correctly the content of your publication
    2. Make friends with surprise and comedy
    3. Always give meaning to your storytelling and editing
  3. How to share your videos on all social networks to make it viral?

What are the videos that usually go viral on social networks?

In general, there are certain types of content that tend to be more viral than others, and without a doubt this is one of the key points in this process. One of the contents that can go viral is the news about daily events. This usually works when the news is quite attractive and is also reported right at the time of the event.

Of course , humor videos cannot be absent , these are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after on the market. This is according to studies one of the most shared content on the internet with millions of views through the networks.

What can you do to make your videos go viral on your social networks?

This will always depend on the type of social network you want to target. It is important that before starting the process you define your objective, and by going viral in one network little by little this will spread to the rest of the networks, but in the first instance you must choose your focus. There are also pages for this that help you get a ranking of the most viewed videos on social networks. With pages like BuzzFeed and ahrefs you can form the ideal duo to know the tops of the moment. This later will be key in choosing the content of your videos.

Choose correctly the content of your publication

The content of the post is an essential symbol to make your videos viral. Therefore, to achieve your goal, take care of doing an exhausting search of the topics rankings of the moment, of the most seen in the networks and even of the challenges of the moment.

This will be a stepping stone to becoming the creator of a viral video , and a way to become a fairly well-known user. Since this will not only bring followers with it, but it can even be tied to job offers in the world of networks.

Make friends with surprise and comedy

One of the videos that can easily go viral is comedy , which is why you should keep this in mind when defining your content. Add that spark that is inside you, add emotion and turn your video into a fun and entertaining action. That even if you think you make a fool of many people, they can thank you and therefore, they will want to share your video with all their friends. This will make you go viral in a much easier and faster way, you just have to do your best in the execution and hope that this will pay off little by little.

Always give meaning to your storytelling and editing

Do not always forget to insert your touch of personality , this will make your videos much more natural and, believe it or not, it is a characteristic that usually attracts the public. Of course, editing is a key point in the procedure and with Canva you can do it, a good handling of the narration functions could make your videos one of the most viewed on the networks.

Create your own style and your line of content, do not rush that although sometimes it is luck, hard work can lead you to the long-awaited goal. Always remember that perseverance in the most used social networks is the key.

How to share your videos on all social networks to make it viral?

The important thing for this task is to share it initially in groups , whether it is on a topic relevant to your video or not. This will become a plus to attract visitors, and if they like your content they can spread it to other groups or friends on their networks. Take care of spreading it on each of your social networks, that is if you do not send it personally to each of your contacts because sometimes this is quite annoying and therefore they will not even take the time to open your link.

Take the time to define your key network and spread it as much as you can, you can even tell your friends to share your video too. This way you could reach a much more audience in a faster way. Join groups just to share your content, and invite them to follow you on your social networks. Take at least an hour to interact with your followers, this will allow you to create a feeling with the user, interactions are the card under the sleeve of this task. As they share and comment, your content will expand to a greater number of audiences.

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