How to Make Villagers Have Children in Minecraft – Breed and Raise Villagers

One of the construction games that from its initial launch to the present is still valid is without a doubt Minecraft . The number of things we can do is endless and take our imagination to the limit. But if you have been on this topic for a long time, you have surely wondered more than once and how to make villagers have children in Minecraft – Reproduce and raise villagers.

How to Make Villagers Have Children in Minecraft – Breed and Raise Villagers

Well, this is a somewhat complicated answer, but it is very simple to do since this issue creates certain concerns. But you should know that what will allow the village to grow and generate economic growth is the reproduction of the villagers. And for this you must have certain prerequisites for it such as your house, your bed, etc.

Although we have always been told that Minecraft is a game for people with tremendous imaginations, you must also have some understanding of how things work. Then there should be an order, have the knowledge of how the game works and apply your imagination, to make and find what you want to gold and other minerals .

How to Make Villagers Have Children in Minecraft – Breed and Raise Villagers

Before continuing we must remember that this step is not for beginners and you must have already created many houses, villages and orchards. Although you may already have applied yourself in the construction of an epic mansion . It does not matter what you have done so far, but it is important that you already have some experience and skill.

Although it is only a game, the developers wanted it to resemble our reality as much as possible. So in order for villagers to have children in Minecraft , they must naturally have a bed. Of course, not to conceive but for babies, otherwise the villagers will not be able to raise their babies.

Many are the secrets to making villagers have children in Minecraft – Breeding and raising villagers

In Minecraf t many secrets are hidden and one of them is to make the citizens ready for work and have a bed for him drinks Villager. But you must also be clear that for the procreation of a villager to exist you must have a house and a food garden otherwise it will be impossible for you to do this in this game.

And believe it or not, it is possible to build an automatic baby breeder, there are ways to do it and they all work, but some designs are more practical than others. But you should always keep in mind that the villagers should be close to their house with beds, provision of food and their work.

You should also create a way so that when the adult villagers are working in the hatcheries the babies can leave. As we mentioned earlier, this game is full of secrets and tricks and there is one that will also allow you to reproduce villagers and it is through the use of a weakness potion on a Zombie.

After you do that, you feed him a golden apple , all you have to do is wait for 5 minutes and the zombie will become a villager. This trick is very good to do, when a villager has died, since he will turn into a zombie and if you give him this magic potion and the apple, you can recover this villager in a miraculous way.

In this way we have reached the end of this tutorial, which tried to give you some insight into this magical world of constructions. There are thousands of things you can do and even many more that you must know to make your village a prosperous place. And we hope these tips can help you to make villagers have children in Minecraft – Breed and Raise Villagers.


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