How to make the Glitch transition effect in a text in Filmora

Audiovisual content has many aspects that can be included during editing. Currently, the Glitch effect has become very popular , especially in those users who manipulate content published on social networks.

Said production consists of realizing the perception that interference is being received on the image. Quite similar to those that occur in antenna televisions.

Unfortunately this cannot be created naturally through a camera. No matter how professional it may be, but through video editors.

Although the programs provided by Adobe are the most popular for these themes. There are users who preferred the use of Windows Movie Maker for its ease.

However, this software is currently discontinued, so Filmora is presented as the new basic editor trying to find a place within the community.

Filmora offers the necessary options to apply the Glitch effect on a text

Characterized by being a simple and quick understanding program. It has a wide number of tools that are really useful to make all the necessary edits for a video.

It is important to mention that although it allows to obtain a professional result. Filmora is aimed at people who edit audiovisual content for platforms like YouTube .

There are currently two versions that have been published for the consumer market, known as Filmora9 and FilmoraPro. Each one with characteristics and certain prices destined to a particular style of users.

As for what the Glitch effect in a text refers to. It is not an edit that can be applied directly to a written format through a button.

That is, to achieve this effect it is necessary to build it. Which can be achieved through the different animations and functions that are available within the version of Filmora that you have purchased.

How is the Glitch effect built into a text through Filmora?

To start applying the effect on the text in question. It will be necessary to enter the titles tab to choose the letter that does not have animations and that best suits your taste.

After having inserted it into one of the layers, preferably the first. The advanced settings are accessed to transcribe the writing and set the font.

From this point the editing begins to create the effect, so it is recommended to extend the timeline to be more detailed. The text layer must be copied and placed below the previous one, and to identify them we will designate them by the name of “layer one” and “layer two”.

Continuing with the editing, the cursor or time bar is set right in the middle of both layers, and within layer one a cut is made at that exact point.

This is done so that the second layer acquires a color change from that cut. Preferably dark, to give the perception of interference.

To achieve this perception of the Glitch effect in a text, it is necessary to insert a transition, which is recommended that bears the name ” Accumulated on top “. This must be placed on layer one and its time must be extended from the beginning of the text to the cut point.

After playing this group of settings. You will be able to see how this effect can really be perceived, successfully inserting it into the text.

Now it will only be necessary to export the small video sequence. Deciding the format with which it will be saved, the quality and the path where it will be stored.

Wonders of the Glitch transition effect in Filmora

Today the editing community is very grateful that programs like Filmora have functions capable of creating these types of effects that are so popular today.

The Glitch effect in a text is widely used in tutorial, gameplay or interactive videos that will later be published through the YouTube platform.

So if you want to make a personal production or start a career as a vlogger. This option will work excellently so that your content has a positive reception from all those who come to view it.


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