How to make the Clone effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

This program is of great help for all those people, who are beginning to carry out their projects , those who work with social networks and those who need to improve their work, since it has many options that will allow you to achieve all your professional goals .

One of the tools it offers is the cloning effect ; which is very attractive to the public. For this reason, it is necessary that you know the correct way to apply it and thus improve your videos; then we will show you the simplest way to do it.

Tools offered by Adobe Premiere Pro

We can say that Adobe Premiere Pro is a highly coveted software, for all the functions it offers to make and edit your videos , since it records, edits and you can share it on any social network. You can use it quietly from the comfort of your cell phone or PC.

We can also mention that it is incredible for content creators on the internet , because they can arrange their videos to their liking, providing the option to edit the videos in 4k. It also has a timeline, which facilitates editing by adding the video or audio tracks, allowing us to see all the clips at the same time.

It makes it easy for you to trim the clips, it also has a variety of effects that you can use however you want, being really easy to place. It allows us to mix effects in the audio and place special transitions. 

Essentially, this program is very easy to understand and simple to use, admitting all the formats that exist. But to perform the cloning effect it is recommended to know the basics about editing videos in this program. This will improve work.

How to do the Cloning effect in Adobe Premiere?

First of all, it is recommended that the person be clear about what they want to create and how they want the video to look, in doing so you will have to record different videos, one in different position that you want to have to carry out the effect. For example you want to do it with the same person, record this person in different places and then make a video in the empty place.

Now we add the clicks you recorded to the program, where the first click of your person, the second click of your other character and the empty space of the room will remain. We will mount one on top of the other (we will drag it so that it is together forming a vertical line), make sure that the video with the empty space is last.

We choose the moment when we want our two characters to appear. We press ‘Opacity’ and select the option of the pen. We start to cut out our character , by doing so you will see that it is revealed in the video below, that is, you will see two equal people in the video. So that the clipping is not noticeable, we can blur it, to do so we press ‘Mask’ and increase ‘Mask Draft’ and it is true that it is immediately blurred.

By doing this you would already have two identical characters in a single video , you can drag the clicks in the place you prefer to make a more striking video. If you want you can also improve the light of the video to provide a better effect.

Another way to do the Clone effect in Adobe Premiere

You will also have to record several videos of the same person, but in different positions in the same place (same frame, different position). Add these videos to the program, place them to last the same time, and join them in a vertical line. 

If you posted four videos, then four of the same people will appear in it. When putting the videos one on top of the other we look for the option of ‘Effects’ in the list we look for ‘Transform’, we grab the option of ‘Crop’ and we drag it to the video (the first one you want to cut), we cut the part we need and we will see two people in the same video.

We edit two videos, now we select the third video and place it on top of these and cut it as we did previously, you will do this with each video, until you get four or more equal people in the same frame.

You can also do it with the number of videos you want , you will only have to cut one for the one below to appear. You can add a subtitle to the video , of what is happening, to inform and attract more public attention.


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