How to make the 3D Zoom effect using CapCut

Applications like TikTok have motivated people to be content creators for the different social networks. These videos can become viral in a short time, due to their effects or filters. One of the most fashionable effects is the 3D Zoom effect that you can apply with CapCut to your favorite photos.

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  1. Create new project in the CapCut application
    1. Select favorite photos
    2. Add photos to the project
  2. How to edit the selected photos in the project?
    1. select in edit
    2. Press Zoom 3D style
    3. Apply the effect to all photos
  3. How to save and export the finished project with Zoom 3D?
    1. Select the project
    2. export project

Create new project in the CapCut application

The 3D Zoom style makes your photos appear with a three-dimensional effect, making the person stand out from the background and be the focus of the entire image. However, you won’t get this effect in any native features of social media platforms.

To achieve this effect you must use the CapCut application, it belongs to the same company as TikTok and offers many editing tools that you can use in your production to generate professional quality material, without having to receive academic training from others.

In this mobile application you can create a project with videos or photos that you have saved in the phone’s gallery or capturing a moment in real time. Many modifications can be made to that material, until you achieve the goal you set for yourself.

Select favorite photos

In order to use the 3D Zoom effect in CapCut, it can only be applied to photos at the moment. However, that does not mean that you cannot make a video, since the application allows you to group a series of photos that can be included in a video.

For this you can use the phone’s camera and take several photos in different places or times, you can also take a series of shots that have a sequence. When you open the application you must touch the new project option and from there you will choose whether you will add the photos from the gallery or take them in real time.

Add photos to the project

Since the video you want to make with the 3D Zoom effect will be made up of several photos, you must take the following aspects into consideration. First, the photos can be added from the phone’s gallery and they will be located following the order in which you chose them.

Second, the number of photos that will integrate the video is established by you; however, the greater the number of photos, the longer the video will take. As you may know , short videos are more likely to be watched until the end.

Therefore, if you want to place more than five photos in the video, you can modify the speed of the video . As each photo has a default duration of 3 seconds, in CapCut you can reduce it.

How to edit the selected photos in the project?

As we mentioned before, to edit the photos in CapCut you must create a new project and select the images you want in the video. You can take these from the gallery or you can take them in real time. The most important thing at this point is that they are of quality and convey what you want to express.

select in edit

When you have already established the images that you are going to use, you must select them in the order that you want them to appear, since the application will follow the selection order. If in the end you see that something is missing. You just have to reverse the action and start again.

When you have everything ready, you just have to press the add button , so that the photos are uploaded to the project. You will be placed in a timeline, now you must choose one and place the style icon on the toolbar. Among the tools you can also find the function to edit the green screen of a project.

Press Zoom 3D style

In the style section you will find the 3D Zoom option, which you can apply to the photo you chose. When you perform this action, the application will ensure that the main person or object stands out in the photo, generating a clip.

If you want to know if the style was applied to the photo you chose, you can check if the image in question is highlighted and its appearance is different from the original.

Apply the effect to all photos

With CapCut you are not limited to applying the Zoom style to a single photo, on the contrary, in it you can choose other images and even apply the style to all the photos that will be in the video. To achieve this you do not have to repeat all the steps.

All you have to do is slide down the video timeline and tap on the images you want to have the style and tap on the Zoom icon.

How to save and export the finished project with Zoom 3D?

All the projects you make in CapCut can be used on any platform that functions as a social network. Contrary to what some think, its use is not exclusive to TikTok. That is why it is normal that you have seen a video or a photo edited in CapCut on any social network like Facebook or WhatsApp .

Select the project

To make sure that the video has all the elements and effects that you wanted from the start, you can use the preview to play it and check the result before saving it . If there’s something you don’t like, this is the time you can tweak it as needed.

When you are sure that you have everything you wanted, you must click on save the 3D Zoom to protect what you have done.

export project

When you finish editing the video, the same application will indicate that you can now export the recording. For this you must press on the arrow that symbolizes export and that is located at the top of the screen.

Then you need to set the resolution and speed of the video. You should not underestimate the importance of this step, since some applications have a weight and size limit for uploading multimedia files. So if you take this into account you can choose the quality and resolution of the video and save it to the phone.

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