How to Make Sports Newspaper Cover in QuarkXPress

In this article we will help you how to create a cover for a sports newspaper in QuarkXPress . The first thing is to have a clear concept of what you want to do and propose your cover in a sketch on paper (it will guide you in your creation).

Sports newspapers are tabloid size. Starting from there diagram 5 horizontal columns. The first is dedicated to the head of the cover, from the second to the fourth to the main news (with a striking headline and key texts that highlight it) and the most relevant and the fifth you can dedicate it to one or 2 news and an advertisement or vice versa.

Preparing the cover page using QuarkXPress

Go to File and open a New Project (Ctrl + N ). Choose the size of the newspaper and size the margins. See that the top and bottom margins are wider. For printing reasons, when cutting the newspaper, do not miss part of the images or texts in those parts. Give Ok. Fit the document on the sheet by pressing Ctrl + 0 (zero).

Enter Windows , then Guides and hit + to create the guides and the separations between guides. In Attributes of the Guides, marks Horizontal orientation, mark Preview so that you can see where the guides are located and you enter the measurements where the guides will be located and the gaps between guides.

Every time you enter a measure, click Add. Follow these steps until you have all 5 columns ready. Close the guides panel.

Working the cover header in QuarkXPress

Click on the Pictures box (left side of the screen) and create a box the size you need. Give Ctrl + E to find and insert the newspaper logo (you can design it following the suggestions given in this portal) , now adjust it to the size of the box you created, you can also do it with Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F. Center the logo in the box by pressing Ctrl + M.

If you want the image boxes to have no fill, open the Colors window and set None . These procedures will help you with the other images on your cover. It helps a lot to work on them beforehand with an image editor program such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

To make some sections of one of the photos transparent with QuarkXPress, create a box above the image and color it with a gradient or from the color you need (value # 1) to None (value # 2). The header usually has 2 text boxes. To create each of them, the “T” (tool for the text box) appears on the left side of the screen .

Then, put one above the headline that accompanies the top photo and a second box that goes below the logo that serves for the date, price and website. It may be that you work these photos in gradients in Photoshop beforehand and then upload them in. jpg choose the sizes and colors that satisfy you. Hold down the Ctrl key to resize the text box to fit the height and width you want.

Working the main news area and the rest of the cover in QuarkXPress

If you need the photo of the main story to stand out a bit and mount on top of the cover, on the left side there is a pencil (it is the Bézier Pencil tool ) that serves to outline what you want to eliminate. Enlarge the image, you silhouette.

Then, keeping the Shift key, select the box for the background image and the outline, click on “Element” , then “Merge” and “Difference” . To write the main headline, open a text box and write the headline and choose the size, colors and you can shade the headline text to highlight it , for the latter you can press Ctrl + T.

You can basically work it with the same image and text tools that we explained to you for the previous two sections. Practice makes a master. And if you want to learn more about how to erase the background of an image with Adobe Illustrator, we invite you to look for it on our website


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