How to make or get all the dyes in Minecraft

In Minecraft you will not only find a way to build and create universes , it is important to understand that you can get a variety of colors to decorate what you want and give life to the game. Considering that this game is one of the most popular due to its performance and entertainment capacity it offers.

Similarly, it should be noted that within the game there are sixteen tones which can be obtained through various objects or plants . Below you will find the steps to obtain each of the dyes.

Discover where to get each of the dyes in Minecraft

It is important to note that Minecraft has a variety of dyes that can be purchased in different ways and are used to dye different things or objects. For this reason we will explain the steps to achieve them. So the red dye can be obtained from the poppy , the rose bush and the red tulip; likewise the “orange” color is obtained from the orange tulip. The yellow color can be achieved through dandelion or sunflower .

Then the green dye can be achieved by burning a block of cactus in the oven, the blue dye can be obtained by means of a stone called lapis lazuli from a mine. Then the color “light blue” can be found by means of a blue orchid.

In addition, the “magenta” dye can be obtained by means of two plants which are lavender and lily, the “pink” dye is obtained by means of the pink tulip. The white dye is obtained from bone powder.

The “light gray” is obtained by means of three plants or by means of the combination of the squid dye and adding two of bone powder. Therefore the “black” dye is achieved by killing the squid so bags of black ink are draped.

Also the brown color can be acquired by breaking the cocoa found in the jungle biomes. The “cyan” color is achieved by mixing green with blue and that tone will automatically be obtained. In turn, purple is achieved through the color red and lapis lazuli stone.

Likewise, the “dark gray” color is achieved by means of the ink bag and bone powder, likewise the bone powder is important, since it allows a level of black tone to be lowered until dark gray is obtained.

Steps and combinations to obtain the dyes

Lastly, the “lime green” color is achieved by mixing it on the crafting table with the bone powder.

It should be mentioned that these are all the dyes that are within Minecraft and the way to obtain them. So many dyes like red, orange, yellow, light blue, magenta, pink, light gray, are achieved by just putting the plants on the crafting table .

On the other hand, the green color has to be cooked, a cactus block must be cooked , the blue is obtained by chopping the lapis lazuli. In addition , bone powder is obtained by placing an egg on the crafting table and in this way you can obtain it.

It is important to understand the method that has to be carried out to be able to achieve each color, in addition you get the brown color through cocoa that you can plant on a tree but in the jungle. The black color is acquired by killing the squid, so the other colors such as cyan, purple, dark gray and lime green have to be put on the crafting table both dyes so that you can get the desired color.

In addition, the dyes obtained can be used to paint a variety of things such as the dog’s collar or the sheep. At the same time, crystals, wool, banners, among others, can be dyed. Ultimately you can get a primary color or join two colors to get another through the crafting table. By having them, you can dye or decorate whatever you want, such as a block.


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