How to make or create an exception in Avira antivirus

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Avira is a free German antivirus suite that was founded in 2006, but has been in the free software business for more than thirty years. Being pioneers in what they have called “Freemium” , a type of content that they offer to the client that has all the premium features, but free.

This ideology has led them to offer a quality product, and although their main rival is Avast, they have nothing to envy to other great security suites such as Panda if what we are looking for is a basic service of assured quality to protect our computer and even our mobiles.

The company also has other applications for use, such as a totally secure VPN that prevents third parties from hacking your passwords, or also an Optimizer for Android, extending the useful life of your equipment, and keeping the memory always optimal so that downloads are not stop.

The antivirus as such has been awarded multiple times, obtained incredible results in laboratory tests and also has among its characteristics the ability to protect your files through encryption , and a 99.9% probability of not indicating false alarms, a simple interface makes from Avira a quality product.

However, these measures can sometimes be a bit rigid, so we are going to teach you how to create an exception at your discretion within the application itself, in a simple, safe and very fast way. Avira Web Guard has a scanner that blocks phishing, fraud, malware and even spam sites.

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Exception through configuration

First, you start running the Avira program , and you go to the “Extras” menu , once there, you select the “Settings” button, which will then give you “Expert Mode” in the upper left corner, a very nice wink that It goes according to the symbols used in its logo and ideology.

Once there, click on the “ + ” symbol that appears followed by “Scan”, you will immediately see the “exceptions” tab to select and highlight it.

Immediately, the option will appear to write the URL in the URL box neutralized by the WebWard from which you want to make an exception, and exclude it from the WebWard scan.

To make multiple exceptions, repeat this process for each site you want to remove from the WebWard, and finally press ok to save. If you want to make an exception for a whole category, which is filtered by Avira’s filter, click on “Searches blocked under WebWard” located in the left column.

Next, you click to clear the registration boxes for the categories that appear, select if you want to unblock in the “web filter” section , then click on apply, and finally click on “OK” so that the changes are saved .

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Exceptions through Parental Control

Avira parental control allows you to select one of the defined roles, either as a child or as a young person. Once you have selected which of the two roles is the one you want to configure, you click on “Change”, and then on “Properties”, allowing you to type the URL to make the exception in the box.

Once you have written the URL, click on “Add URL” and press “Add” again, this will save the selected preferences in the role you chose to configure, either as a child or as a young person. Click the rule in which the website is listed and choose the one you want to allow.

Once all this process is done, you must click on accept, so that everything you have configured between the WebWard or Parental Control theme , is duly saved and you will not have problems in opening with total confidence and confidence pages that you fully trust.

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