How to make or craft labels in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox that gives anyone the opportunity to do what they want when they want. It has one of the most impressive catalogs of obtainable items in video games. With that in mind, today you will learn how to make or craft labels in Minecraft.

And it is that, with such an extensive catalog, it was obvious that at some point people will begin to lose themselves and do not know how to build certain objects that are of first necessity. This is nobody’s fault, and the easiest way to solve it is by reading a guide (before continuing it is recommended to update Minecraft to the latest version available).

How to Make or Craft Labels in Minecraft – Label Crafting

How to make or craft labels in Minecraft?

The first thing to take into account is that labels cannot be built, that is, there is no combination of materials capable of creating them.

These must be obtained in the game in the following ways: the first and most common is by fishing. Most players obtain tags from the sea or lakes, this can take long periods of time, as these items are rare.

So it is advisable to have an enchanted reed when you are going to perform this process , to reduce the waiting time.

They can also be obtained from chests in dungeons or mines. Tags are known to be naturally generated on these. All you need to do is do a little exploring and be lucky to stumble upon a tag sooner or later.


Finally, you can also get them by trading with villagers, these are worth 20 to 22 emeralds each , so getting them this way is the least feasible, but it still works. And voila, with that the question is solved: How to make or craft labels in Minecraft? Now you will learn what they are used for.

What is a tag used for?

The label only has one function which is to name a creature in the game or name the animals and pets (all can be named except the dragon at the end), so making or crafting labels in Minecraft is essential to add personality to your game.

To achieve this task you have to take the label to an anvil (obviously you have to know how to make or craft an anvil ), and there put the name you prefer. Then right click on the creature to be named with the label in hand and voila.

Take into account that this will not domesticate the creature, just give it a name, its behavior will be the same. Also, I don’t know the wrath of the world, once something has a name, it stays in Minecraft, no matter how far you move away from it.

If the animal or enemy you named dies, the tag will not be returned to you because they are used up at the time of use, and if you want to rename a creature with another nickname you must use another tag on it.

The name will be seen up to 7 frames away, further than this you will not be able to see it, but this is only a visual effect.

Curious names

There are a number of four names that cause different effects on creatures when tagged, these are: dinnerbone, jeb_, toast, and grumm.


The first will cause the named creature to turn upside down, the second will change the appearance of the sheep’s face as if it were a beard. The third will change the appearance of the rabbits by putting a white and black fur on them and the last one does the same as the first one turns the creatures upside down.

This was put together as a joke by the developers so that players could laugh and play around with these changes once they discovered them.

With that last thing, now you already know everything you need to be able to make or craft labels in Minecraft, go and start exploring the world to find your labels and start naming whatever comes to your mind, because in this game imagination is not has any kind of limit. And remember to keep looking for tutorials like the one that will allow you to make a loom in Minecraft so that your experience is expanded.


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