How to make or craft a barrel in Minecraft? – Secrets of the barrels

After so long depending only on the chests, who does not want to craft a barrel in Minecraft ? These new storage blocks are quite aesthetic and very comfortable to use , any gamer will want one for themselves.

If you still do not know this new element, you have come to the right place. Here you will not only find how to get your own barrel, but you will also know all its curiosities.

Differences with the chest

Like its older counterpart, the barrel is made of wood and holds up to 27 items . Both occupy a single block, but all similarity ends here, since the barrel cannot be combined with another so its space will always be the same. One advantage of chests is that they are more convenient to order.

Crafting a barrel in Minecraft requires a bit more wood than the chest , but nothing that is too expensive. On its upper face (standing upright) it shows a lid that disappears when used and on the side it has a texture of wood panels.

The most important difference is that since it does not have a hinged lid, it does not require free space on it to function.

Steps to craft a barrel in Minecraft

You can get naturally generated barrels in villages that have a fisherman, but taking it will leave a simple villager without his means of work. If this bothers your conscience, you also have the option to make your own barrel in Minecraft by following these simple steps:

Get wood

Get a good ax and go for wood, any type works, the more the better, but with 3 logs it is enough to make a single barrel.

Make the pieces

Once you have your logs you must transform them into wood, you can do this simply by placing a log on the crafting grid. With this procedure you will obtain 4 units of wood for each of your logs, by doing it with all three you will have a total of 12 wooden cubes.

You will also need wooden slabs , which you will get with these cubes that you just made. To do this, arrange 3 units of wood in a horizontal line on a manufacturing table, with this you will get 6 wooden slabs, but you will only need 2.

If instead of the Java Edition you are in the Bedrock version, you will have to replace the woods with wooden sticks . In this case you should only place 2 woods on the grid, one above and one just below and thus obtain 4 sticks.

You already have all the necessary pieces to craft a barrel in Minecraft, it only remains to have them and make it.

Assemble your barrel.

Now with all the pieces, you must place them in the following way on the manufacturing table. For easy location, view the manufacturing grid by assigning it a number from 1 to 9, from left to right and top to bottom.

If you are in the Java Edition you must place the wooden cubes in positions 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9. Then you will have to place the wooden slab in positions 2 and 8 , leaving 5 empty, with this you will have already obtained your keg.

Barrel uses

After crafting a barrel in Minecraft , there are a few cool things you can do with it, these are its secrets:


Since the latest updates, villagers can have various professions and you can also change their profession , including fishermen. If there are no fishermen in a village, try placing a barrel near the water, if a villager has no trade, he can go fishing .


Since it is a block of wood in appearance, the barrel is excellent as a decoration , whether indoors or outdoors. It can be used as a floor, ceiling or wall, this versatility is not only thanks to its shape and design but also to the possibility of placing it in various positions.


Finally, perhaps the most interesting use is as a box because by requiring only the block it occupies to function, it offers interesting options. In this way, it can be easily hidden in floors, ceilings or walls, for example.

Minecraft gives you the opportunity and design all the tools that your avatar may need, you just have to look for materials such as wood, iron ingots , diamond among others and if necessary crafting tables such as the arrow table or blacksmith table , a once you have everything you can start creating.


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