How to make or build a stone or wood bridge in Minecraft

We all know the famous Minecraft game, you already have the latest update , a survival video game that offers many opportunities to show your incredible creativity , dexterity and mastery of the infinite materials that exist in the game. Speaking of creativity, in this article you will learn how to build a wooden or stone bridge in Minecraft . Would you like to discover the answer? Find out.

Build a stone bridge in Minecraft creative mode

If you are a fan of this Minecraft video game, you will undoubtedly know its two game modes , such as: creative and survival . In this case we will talk about the creative mode.

In this mode you will have unlimited access to all existing building materials in the world of Minecraft. Without a doubt it will be a great advantage to have all the materials to build our bridge. To make the stone bridge we will do the following.

  • The first thing is to select what type of stone we want for the bridge. There is crushed stone, stone blocks and also molten stone. When we are clear about which stone we will use, we will get to work.
  • Construction begins with a base of 3 or 4 spaces depending on the size of the bridge. When you have the base, start building the bridge path.
  • The width and length of it will depend on you, use your imagination to create a handrail on the edges of the bridge or huge columns with torches for lighting at night.

In this creative mode, the imagination has no limits. As with stone, you can do the same process using any type of wood. But beware! Wooden bridges are very sensitive and vulnerable to fire .

Create a bridge in Minecraft survival mode

For those who love challenges, playing the incredible Minecraft video game in survival mode is a fascinating experience. And performing construction feats is even more so. It is for this reason that making a wooden or stone bridge in survival mode is not an easy task . It’s quite a feat, so if you’re ready let’s get to it.

  • The first thing is to determine what material we want to make our bridge from . In case of being made of wood, the first thing to do is go to the forest and collect as much wood as possible.
  • Then with it, we will make the bases, the width, the length and the details that you want to place on your bridge. For example, create fences or fences to decorate the bridge hinting at a handrail.
  • You can also create steps by making a kind of ladder on the work table to make the entrance of the bridge, in case it is a bridge in the heights. Anyway, let your imagination fly.

In case you want to make the stone bridge, as it happens the same as with wood, you must collect a lot of stone. One suggestion is to dig down , it always works for easy stone.

Now, if you want it from stone blocks, you must create these blocks on the work table; or if you want to make it out of smooth stone , you must first melt it in an oven. Whatever material you build a bridge with, it has many advantages . You may wonder: Advantages like which ones? Well some of them are:

  • It allows you to link one mountain with another without having to go down and up.
  • If you are near a lake, you can create a bridge to cross instead of swimming.
  • In the mines it is very useful to make simple bridges to continue your explorations.

As you can see, these are some advantages that you can obtain by creating bridges in Minecraft. Have fun and do challenges with your friends to see who makes the best wooden or stone bridge in Minecraft, we are sure that you will enjoy playing in both modes . If you liked this article, don’t forget to leave us your opinions or suggestions in the comment box. Also, share it with your friends or family and discover what else you can do in Minecraft.


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