How to make my Mac read a text aloud

The innovation of the service and the products has been one of the strengths of the Apple company , which has focused all its resources on including a wide range of functions, which make it easier for its users to use them.

In this way, they allow all their users to access a wide range of possibilities, without being restricted in any way by them. One of the best examples we can give for this is the development of text dictation , which when dictated, is written automatically in the system, which is useful for writing texts in Word , or on any other platform.

Here we want to tell you a little more about this tool and the correct way to activate it within your device so that you start using it correctly, in order to make your life a little easier.

Activate text dictation within your Mac

The steps to carry this out are very simple, to begin you must access the version preferences of your MacOS system , for which you must click inside the menu on your Apple device. There you will see that you are directed to a new window, in which you will see multiple icons, which refer to the preferences of your system .

The icon that we must look for at this point is the computer keyboard, which once it is pressed, we will see that it will open a menu with multiple options on our keyboard. There we must locate ourselves on the ” dictation ” option and once we find it, we must proceed to activate it, by clicking on the ” activated ” option .

Once we have activated this option, it will only remain that we configure this tool, in order to feel much more comfortable with it. Within the configurations, we must make sure that it is in our language of our preference.

Once that option is completed, we must determine which key will be, which automatically activates said option , in order to have it on hand at all times.

However, here we want to recommend that you choose the FN key for ease , since it is easier to use and its use is not so common, so you will not confuse it at any time. If you have some type of microphone, you must configure and determine, what will be the microphone that is used for this task.

How to make your Mac read aloud?

To begin, you must go to the accessibility option, which you can find in the preferences menu of your system. Once you have accessed this option, proceed to scroll to the left panel, where you can find an option which says ” Speak “.

You will be able to identify this option because it has the image of a computer screen, from which a dialog cloud emerges.

In the right part of the window, you will see that you will find multiple options, among which you must make sure that the box ” Play the text orally … ” is checked, since otherwise, the shower option will not be effective.

After this, to be able to activate the option on a daily basis, you only have to press the ” Option + Esc ” keys and also have a selected text, since in this way, the system of our Mac, will start automatically, with the reading out loud of what we have selected. If this combination does not seem appropriate, you can change it in the ” Change key ” option .

Similarly, in the upper section of this menu, we can select which will be the voice of the narrator, the speed at which the text will be read , among other settings that will help us to customize this tool. It should be noted that this function can be used effectively on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices


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