How to make money on Twitch

You have heard people say that they would love to earn money, doing what they like the most, then find out that it is possible. Through this notebook you will learn everything you have to do to earn money on Twitch in just a few steps.

But first we will explain what is Twitch? How to be an affiliate? And how much does an affiliate earn? In this way, you will be aware of everything, and you can even monetize Twitch streams by following the suggestions that we will provide you.

Twitch What is it?

It is a platform that provides a free Streaming service , aimed mainly at the video game area, although it also broadcasts other types of videos. Among the other types of videos that Twitch offers are, IRLs, where streamers will be able to share more of their life with followers.

And vlogs are also broadcast, which consist of programs to discuss important or controversial issues between two or more people. The platform even allows you to improve the Twitch streaming chat on your Android cell phone.

How to become an affiliate on Twitch?

If you want to receive an invitation in order to become an affiliate on Twitch, you must meet only 4 very important requirements , which are:

  1. You must broadcast a minimum of 8 hours during the last 30 days.
  2. Have had a minimum of 7 days of transmission, during the last 30 days.
  3. That during the time you broadcast, you have managed to obtain a minimum of 3 viewers per live broadcast.
  4.  Get at least 50 fixed followers to your broadcast.

Upon meeting these four minimum requirements, an invite button will appear on your achievements page to be part of Twitch. Then you must select it and you will receive by email, the welcome to the affiliate program, which will send you to another section. Once you are in this new configuration section, you will have to complete a few simple steps to be able to monetize your channel.

In this new section you must enter your general information , in order to join the affiliate program , and enjoy the benefits.

  • First, you will need to provide Amazon with your tax information.
  • You will also have to accept and sign the terms that Twitch provides to the affiliate program.
  • Then you must specify the means of payment, by which you will receive the money you generate, which can be:
  1. By check.
  2.  Paypal account.
  3. Transfer or deposit to a bank account.

An important fact is that you must have at least $ 100 in your registered account , in order to receive the profits you have generated. And the payment period is 2 months, (60 business days), that is, what you do in May you will receive it in July.

How much does an affiliate make on Twitch?

The Twitch platform provides both affiliates and partners with various tools to monetize both videos and live broadcasts. Therefore, when you create an account on Twitch, you will be able to record and transmit your video games and in turn earn money by:

  • Accept the subscriptions of your viewers and have 3 options of monthly profit that will be between: 4.99; $ 9.99 or $ 24.99.
  • Make game sales within the Twitch platform, in which a button will appear to “Buy Now”. And by being selected by your followers, you can have a profit of 5% of the cost for each game you have sold.
  • By activating the Bits coins, you will allow your followers and visitors to send some special emoticons in the chats. By receiving the cheers with Bits you can have a percentage of the income.

Note: Bits are virtual currencies that every Twitch user can obtain, with which they can buy special, animated icons, among others.

  • You can also make a profit by adding a donation button which will allow your followers to support you financially.

We hope that the information that we have given you today has been very helpful, and you decide to be part of Twitch. In this way you can be one of the people who say they work what they like.

Like, for example, explaining a video game, and the best of all is that you can have excellent earnings, which will increase as you gain more viewers.


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