How To Make Money Blogging in 2022?(Top 7 Ways)

Blogging to make a living isn’t as tough as it used to be. You don’t have to be famous to be successful, and you don’t have to have a lot of traffic. If you can write valuable or compelling content, you can make money from your blog.

But how do you go about monetizing your site and determining what is best for blogs? Do you just display a slew of popup adverts and call it a day? You certainly can. However, if you choose that route, you’ll be missing out on a slew of less obtrusive monetization possibilities.

Top 7 Ways to Get Blogging for Money

Are you looking for a way to generate money from your blog? I mean, as much fun as it is to establish a blog, I don’t think there are many people who wouldn’t like to make some money off of it!

Use one or more of these seven strategies to start producing money from your blog.

Way #1: Display Ads

You will join up with an ad distribution partner and install advertising on your site to make money with display ads on your blog.

You will earn passive revenue when visitors see and click on those adverts.

Way #2: Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward. You help a company sell its products, and you earn a commission. Visitors will see company ads on your web page, and you will be rewarded for taking certain actions when they click through the company website. The specific actions required for a visitor vary. Some affiliate programs are billed per click billing (PPC), while others are billed per lead or transaction.

To maximize this way of blog monetization, you can also apply referral marketing. It is very similar to affiliate marketing, but the main difference is that referral marketing is more personal, meaning you have to be an active user of the brand you want to promote.

A perfect example of this is the referral program of the passive income app Honeygain. They offer continuous profits from each person you bring, as long as both you and the person are using the app. So make sure to only sign up for referral programs of brands you trust and enjoy.

Way #3: Get Hired By A Company

Many companies want to have a blog, but they don’t have the time and expertise to set up and maintain a blog. You can make money from your blog at the same time as it becomes a solution.

The key to such a transaction is to find a company that wants/needs your service and convinces them that you are the blogger they are looking for. If you don’t have a great profile and achievements yet, you probably need to do some research and get in touch.

Way #4: Freelance Blogging

Blog networks seem to be spread across the Internet, and some are looking to hire individuals to write blogs. Depending on the agreement, writers can earn a fixed or recurring monthly payment for a specific blog post number.

Way #5: Sell Digital Products

You may design your own digital product that helps your audience solve a specific problem and makes their life simpler if you know exactly what they need.

A little e-book or printable, for example, maybe your first digital offering. These are simple to make and take only a few minutes.

Way #6: Get Company Sponsorship

Nowadays, blog sponsorship is more common than ever. Companies might partner in different ways. For instance, they might utilize apparent “advertising” blogs promoting their products or simply add a “sponsored by” section with their company’s name, logo, and brand to an existing blog.

However, you cannot be a start-up or an influencer with low website traffic to acquire a blog sponsorship. People must already know you, and you have to be getting enough traffic regularly.

Way #7: Create and Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is another method to monetize your blog. Most bloggers are hesitant to create their own course because they believe that teaching a course requires them to be an expert.

But this isn’t true; all you need to teach a course well is to know more than the people you’re teaching and to be able to deliver this information in a way that others will find useful.

Say you want to establish a cooking course. Fast forward, you don’t need to be a qualified chef. There’s nothing stopping you from producing your course if you can cook at least better than the majority and construct your course content in a way that actually teaches people how to cook.

Final Thought – Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Only a small minority of bloggers make six figures. Most bloggers paintings full-time or part-time jobs or run their personal companies. Launching a weblog to make cash is just like beginning some other business: it takes time, effort, and patience.

I hope you’re more confident and comfortable with the money-making blog ideas I showed you.Even if you’re brand new to blogging, keep in mind that every blog concept you have can earn you money!

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