How to make meaningful use of time at home?

Restrictions due to coronavirus are becoming more stringent and prolonged. The media constantly reminds us what we must not do. We must not meet and almost must not leave our apartments.

In Spain, dog owners have even started renting their pets for money. You can only move outside under the pretext of walking the dog. Dogs thus became lucrative property overnight.

At this time, it is increasingly difficult to maintain mental well-being. That’s why we bring you a few tips on how to spend time at home as productively as possible. Try to think positively, don’t procrastinate and don’t stop working.


  1. Time for brilliant ideas

When a plague epidemic struck in 1666, the University of Cambridge was closed and young Isaac Newton was forced to continue his research from home. During this period, without the guidance of his professors, he made his most important discoveries, including gravitational force.

Use time at home for free experimentation. Maybe you can come up with the best ideas right now. Look for inspiration on the Internet, in books or in professional magazines. Get a diary in which you can write down your ideas at any time. Immerse yourself in your work a little deeper.

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  1. Time to work on yourself

This time brings uncertainty about the future. Will we have a job next week or next month? Will we have to exhaust all our savings? Don’t panic and don’t stop working. We all have the same conditions. You are not alone in this.

Try to look at this situation as an opportunity. When the situation stabilizes, will you want to return to your original job? Or do you want to move on? Or start your own business? We can see all crises as calls for change.

If you want to advance your career, consider this period as a preparatory period. Now you have time to work on yourself. You can learn foreign languages ​​or study a new field to which you would like to move. Online education is currently booming. Take your lead when companies start hiring new employees.

You can try Duolingo or Babbel to learn foreign languages .
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  1. Time to change the way of life

The medieval plague led to a turn in people’s thinking. They diverted their attention from the afterlife to earthly life. Scholasticism, which sought to know God, was replaced by human-oriented humanism. There was also a change in the artistic style and in opposition to Gothic, the Renaissance was born. The shadow of cathedrals gave way to comfortable castles, palaces, villas and townhouses.

The disasters that afflict humanity as such give us insight and force us to look at ourselves from a different perspective. Shops and restaurants are closed. We can’t give Instagram nice pictures of what we bought for our money and what we ate in our stomachs. The consumer lifestyle must wait. Maybe we were given the opportunity to discover a new and more meaningful way of life. And now we have time for that.

We have time to explore our values. Now that we can’t leave the house, we can realize how the animals we lock in cages and miniature flats, or worse, in meat factories, feel. In online discussions, you may repeatedly come across the view that bird flu, swine flu or COVID-19 are revenge on animals for how we treat them.

If you want to reflect on your values, you will find a lot of inspiring lectures and shows on YouTube:


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