How to Make GIFs Directly with the Camera of a Samsung Galaxy

Learn how to make GIFs directly with the camera of a Samsung Galaxy and share fun and creative moments with your friends and family effortlessly.

Stickers and GIFs on WhatsApp allow us to communicate in a more fun, casual and even more direct way. There are many fun sticker packs that we can use on WhatsApp , and at Xataka Android we explain how you can make our own stickers .

In the case of GIFs, Samsung Galaxy phones offer a very quick and easy way to create them without installing anything, using the same camera application that the phone includes , and the gallery application. Since I discovered this function I have not stopped using it to create my own GIFs, including many of my pet, of course. Next, we explain how you can make your own GIFs in just a few steps.

How to make GIFs directly with the camera of a Samsung Galaxy

How to Make GIFs Directly with the Camera of a Samsung Galaxy

In many cases, to create a GIF it is necessary to install an application or perhaps use a web service, but the Samsung Galaxy camera has a native function to export videos as GIF, with some limits and after performing an initial configuration.

GIFs are created from videos that we record with the camera, and we can even personalize them with stickers, text, and modify the playback of the GIF . It is recommended that the GIFs last only long enough to convey what we want to say: raise a thumb, say hello, or simply capture something funny that our pet has done.

To create GIFs using the Samsung Galaxy camera, follow these steps:

The first thing we must do is configure the GIF creation function in the Samsung Galaxy mobile camera:

  • We access the camera app on the mobile
  • We press the gear -shaped button in the upper left corner
  • In the “ Images ” section , select “ Slide Shutter button to ”
  • Finally, change the default option (capture continuous shot) to “ Create GIF ”

This way, by sliding and holding the button to take photos and record videos on the camera, we will record a GIF. We can record GIFs of up to 30 frames . And after recording it, we can also make some important changes.

Once we have recorded the GIF, we go to the Gallery app and open it . Then, we press the edit button, the one shaped like a pencil. We have the following actions available:

  • Delete frames from the GIF and edit their duration
  • Crop GIF size
  • Edit GIF speed
  • Make annotations and add stickers

My recommendation is to modify the speed of the GIF. By default, it is usually set to level 7, but I recommend increasing the speed of the GIF to level 8 or even level 9, depending on the case, so that it has a more fluid and natural movement.

Then, we can add stickers or text, crop the image and modify it until it is exactly how we want. Finally, we press the “Save” button. And that’s all, the GIF is ready and we can send it on WhatsApp , on Telegram, share it on a social network or wherever you want.

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