How to make free printable raffle tickets in Microsoft Word

Microsoft’s Office suite is one of the most useful and versatile tools that complements Windows. But like everything in life, you have to know how its applications work in order to get the most benefit from it. So now we will talk a little about how to make raffle tickets, free in Microsoft Word, to print.

If you are not familiar with the program, it seems to be too complicated, especially if we do not use it frequently. But as we will see, making use of the benefits of Word , it is easier than one might imagine. And like practically any computer has this program, it is completely free. If you don’t have it, here you can learn how to install Microsoft Office online on Windows 10 for free forever .

How to make raffle tickets in Microsoft Word for printing

Microsoft Word contains many formats or templates that are very useful for performing various tasks, including raffle tickets. Using the “Help” program in Word, we can find a template that meets the necessary requirements to prepare the tickets and then print them.

When starting Word, the first thing to do is enter the “Help” section offered by the program, which will present you with a menu of options. There you must select “Microsoft Office Word Help” and it will invite you to write the required assistance in a box.

We will have to write “Raffle ticket” in the assistance box and the system will show you a range of options. You should choose the template that best suits your needs. When you select one of these, the program will show you the preview of the product you have chosen. You can keep browsing this section and download other nice Word templates for your documents .

Once you are satisfied with the selected template, you must proceed to download and save the document and it will be established as a worksheet. Now you can start editing the form and the first thing you should do is enter the details of the person responsible for the raffle.

This information is placed in the box “name of the organization” . You must fill it in as soon as it is an institution or a private person.

The next thing is to configure the rest of the information that the ticket must contain, be it the date of the raffle, conditions, ticket number, prize, etc. Word will allow you to design the ticket to your liking by inserting images, adjusting the size of the letters and their font type. Although you can do this last section from the beginning if you change the default font or typeface of the Word document .

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your raffle ticket, proceed to copy and duplicate the model ticket as many times as you need. A very important aspect is the ticket number, as it must be different and consecutive.

But you will not do this process manually, because by shading the space corresponding to the number on the first ticket, the program will allow you to configure the number and establish the corresponding sequence.

This is accomplished thanks to Word’s sequential numbering feature , SEQ . This process is achieved by performing the following steps:

  • Position the mouse pointer at the bottom of the first sheet of the ticket template , exactly after the last copy of that page.
  • Press the «Shift» and «Page down» keys simultaneously.
  • Apply the “Alt + Shift + U” combination key command.

Then, all tickets will have a numerical sequence. Verify that this information is correct, before proceeding to print the ticket office.

Make sure your raffle complies with current regulations

Generally, all games of chance that involve a prize are subject to certain taxes. For this reason, you should make sure that this act that involves the tickets that you are producing, adheres to tax laws. And it is very sure that you will want to avoid incidents with the Law at all costs.

It is also very important that the printed tickets have enough space for participants to write down their personal information. This way they can easily leave their full name, address and at least one phone number.

Since some are likely to be reluctant to write down their address or phone information, you can encourage them to supply at least one valid email .

There is no doubt that making raffle tickets in Microsoft Word to print yourself is a great savings and control over the details of the same. But this powerful tool allows you to do many other things. Did you know that you can make an interactive puzzle in Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher ? Find out now how!



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