How to Make Fake Accounts for Coin Master

You would be surprised how many times how to make fake accounts for Coin Master is searched daily . It’s not for trying to hack the app or simply for the app’s user counter to keep rising, but because some time ago several players discovered that having more than one account gives them a great advantage to reach the village they dream of so much.

How to Make Fake Accounts for Coin Master on the same cell phone

Why make fake accounts for Coin Master


Having one or more fake accounts in the game has two main benefits: the first is that by having them you can receive the bonus of 40 free spins by connecting it to your main account (that is, with your real Facebook and personal email) and the The second is because you will have one more contact on your list to receive spins, coins, card exchanges and more gifts from them.

There are other reasons such as when players run out of daily spins on their main account, they can log in to the other accounts to progress on them while the benefits of the others are reactivated. It is a way to pass the time but also a great strategy to accumulate more resources and move from one account to another.

How to Make Fake Accounts for Coin Master on the same cell phone

You don’t need to be a system expert or a hacker to do it, in fact, it’s quite simple:

  1. Look for a website to create fake emails like Temp Mail, Trash Mail, Email Fake. Most of the sites are in English, but they are very easy to use, and you also know that with the translator you can solve any doubt instantly.
  2. Create your fake email and with it you will now have to create a new Facebook account.
  3. Complete the information of the Facebook account and make it look very real, that is, put some photos, add friends, make a post,everything so that Facebook does not report you as a fake profile.
  4. Once you have verified the account with your fake email, leave the Facebook profile open on your device.
  5. Now you must open the game app, if you have it connected with your other account, log out and reopen it with Facebook. This time, you will see that it will ask you if you want to connect the game with your new Facebook, hit “allow”.
  6. Done, you already have your fake account up and running.

Keep in mind that if Facebook detects that your profile is fake, your account may be closed and you will lose your game progress, so many players prefer to have more than two fake accounts to avoid this.

Also, the more fake accounts you have, the more gifts and rewards you can receive for your main village. What are you waiting for to try it?


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