How to make editable rectangles with rounded corners in Photoshop

The use of technological tools dedicated to design is having an important push today. Do not be fooled by appearances! These tools are easier to use than you might think.

That is why, if you are just entering this world, here you will have a good starting point. In this opportunity, you will learn how to make editable rectangles with rounded corners in Photoshop.

Why Photoshop? Beyond the large number of programs that exist, nothing better than using one of the best known. The tools of Photoshop are so incredible as easy to use, even if you are just learning design .

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  1. The scope of Photoshop
  2. Start from zero
  3. The use of forms
  4. Draw a rectangle!
  5. An important step in learning Photoshop!

The scope of Photoshop

Photoshop has been popularized for the incredible changes it can make to old, worn photos. Editing has been, precisely, the strong point of this software for a long time. However, the creation of incredible designs has become very important in recent times.

The developers of the program know of the great demand that graphic design is having in the middle of the technological age. That is why it has made the necessary updates to make the software a more than complete tool.

Start from zero

When you are starting to handle these types of programs, you are not totally sure what you would be able to do. But, you have to start with something, so why not with some simple ways?

Before making amazing designs, it’s important to brush up on the basics. That is why in this article you will have everything you need to make editable rectangles with rounded corners .

The use of forms

Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, among others. Shapes have been an important part of designs for a long time. Not for less, they give a certain originality to the design .

This is why they are such a good starting point. Anyone who wants to learn Photoshop or other design software should start by mastering shapes.

Draw a rectangle!

All right, it’s time to start. This procedure is really easy and it will not take you more than 5 minutes to achieve it. Once you’ve opened Photoshop and created a new layout , go to the left of your screen. There you will see the Photoshop toolbar and you will find the option “Shapes”.

There are several types of rectangles that you can on your canvas in Photoshop. It will depend on the tastes and needs you have for a certain design. You can use rectangles with pointed or square corners. But, this time, the specialty of the house is to make editable rectangles with rounded corners .

  • Once you have located the aforementioned option, click on the tab corresponding to “Rounded Rectangle Tool”.
  • Proceed to draw the rectangle on your canvas.
  • Then Photoshop will show you a box where you can select the properties of the rectangle you have drawn.
  • Within these properties, you will determine the height and width of the rectangle, background, transparency, border thickness, among other things.
  • Press the “Esc” key or click on your canvas to exit the rectangle options.

Plot tool

Weren’t you convinced by the location of your rectangle? Do not worry! Photoshop has the solution for you. Select “Path Selection Tool” from the Photoshop toolbar and move it wherever you want .

Do you need to edit the height or width of your rectangle? Right click on the drawn shape. Among the options that will appear, select “Path free transformation” and make the necessary modifications .

You can also rotate and deform the rectangle . In the same way, you will have the opportunity to establish horizontal, vertical or transverse divisions in the design.

An important step in learning Photoshop!

Little by little you will have a greater knowledge of the tools that this incredible software offers you. Beyond not being entirely complex, it is very common for some people to become confused. But nothing is impossible as long as this type of knowledge is put into practice.

Remember that you can draw different types of rectangles on the same canvas . Also, it is important to remember that, once traced, you can access the properties of the shapes. That way, you can adjust them so your design is just perfect.


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