How to make circles, spheres and curved constructions in Minecraft? – Circle Generator

After some time playing, the square structures become repetitive and monotonous , and you will find that you can make curved constructions in Minecraft , even taking into account that each object within the program has the same shape.

There are different ways to achieve this, everything will depend on your creativity at the time of construction, but, there are other means with which you can guide yourself to design almost perfect circles using the blocks, a well-known one is the Circle Generator.

How to Make Circles, Spheres and Curved Constructions in Minecraft – Circle Generator

What is the Circle Generator?

The Circle Generator is a platform that shows you the composition of a circular-shaped structure in the game, and is a very practical way to guide you to build it by seeing in full detail where each square goes.

There are many pages that have that name, because it is not a proprietary method, it is a platform style that generates circles from pixels, but, for users, this is more than useful for making curved constructions in Minecraft.

Which is convenient, since, among so many squares, you can lose sight of what the round shapes were like, in addition to the simple fact that making a circle from blocks is difficult, but not impossible .

How does the Circle Generator work? How do I use it?

The functionality of this platform is simple, it shows the circular structures built in the game. Then, in detail, it gives you a map with which you can guide yourself to place each painting.

It is important that you know that the most recommended site to use is the one developed by Plotz , with IP on the British island of the old continent, and it is usually one of the first results in Google when typing in the search engine “Circle Generator”.

Once you enter the page you will see a large number of circular designs, buildings and others that use curved constructions in Minecraft, and do not necessarily focus only on round shapes, you will also be able to see ellipses and others.

You can choose any of the options you see at the bottom of the site header, each of these represents a category and, clicking on any one, will take you to a list of other designs, or to the construction plan.

In this sense, the building plan shows you how the finished structure looks, and it can be seen in two ways, in three dimensions or in two, which you can switch from the upper left corner of the map.

It also has other different options, for example, at the bottom, on the left side, is the parameter box. In it you can alternate the dimensions of the structure , in case the one shown is not big or small enough for you.

Finally, you can see the phase bar, in which each point represents a stage of construction of the building, that is, you can see each cycle of the design until its final form.

How to make curved constructions in Minecraft using the Circle Generator?

The way to make curved constructions in Minecraft using this program, as you must have already guessed, is manually. This platform provides you with a fairly detailed plan of the structure, which you yourself must follow from the game.

It is highly recommended that, to begin with, you restart the construction phase of the circular structure to “1” and positions the camera of the plane in 2D. In this way, you will be able to better appreciate how each box should go, as well as the number of blocks you have to place on each side.

And as you complete each construction stage, you must increase the value of the side bar to appreciate the next step in the manufacture of the building, always alternating between 2D and 3D views to differentiate between one layer and another.

In Minecraft you can design and build anything you want from simple elements such as a wooden house   to entire cities that look real or a bridge.

For this you only have to have the necessary elements that are mainly clay to make the blocks.


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