How to make Chromecast consume less power

Perhaps you have in your home some electronic device or device that you no longer use and not because it is bad, but because it has become obsolete. This occurs in the face of new inventions and advances of man in science and technology.

In the field of digital technology aimed at telecommunications, man has made giant strides, for example, a telephone that this year could be called the latest generation, and next year it will be replaced by another with 

So, if you are passionate about everything that has to do with digital technology , then you will surely like this post.

We will be talking about one of those great advances, the Chromecast, if you have not heard of it, we invite you to know it.

What is the Chromecast?

It is a small device or device with access to a Wi-Fi network , which connects to your TV through an HDMI port or input.

The Chromecast is configured to your phone via Wifi , in such a way that the content you open with your phone is projected on the screen.

In a few words, we can say that your Android device , whether it is a phone, PC or Tablet , becomes a kind of remote control for your television.

From there you can open, close or configure any action and these will be reflected on the screen of your television.

This device was created by Google in mid-2013, which is why it is known as Google Chromecast and was designed to play files with multimedia content such as YouTube or Netflix or other streaming platforms.

To start using it, you must install and configure it from your Android device or PC , the process is quite simple and without many complications.

The Chromecast and the device from which you are going to drive must be on the same Wi-Fi network, this will facilitate control of them.

Since its creation, Google has been updating Chromecast software to keep it up to date with new market demands and new technologies. So we recommend using it always with the latest version.

The second version of Google Chromecast was made available in 2015 with some changes in the appearance of the device, especially the version in three colors. Another significant improvement is the software that makes it much faster than the previous version of 2013.

The third Chromecast enhancement was released the following year in 2016, known as the Chromecast Ultra , to keep up with the emergence of 4K resolution on multimedia platforms.

In September 2020, the new version of Chromecast appears with a new design and in three colors, it also comes equipped with a remote control and has a new USB input or port.

Each version brings improvements in the software that make it faster in data transmission and in loading and playing videos, you can also download in Chromascast that are very useful.

Of course, the use of this new technology is accompanied by energy consumption since both your TV, the Chromecast and your device require power . The question that arises is how to reduce energy consumption?

How to make Chromecast consume less power and resources?

The Chromecast needs electricity to work, which is why it comes equipped with a charger to connect it to the power grid. So even with the TV turned off you are consuming. How can we reduce this consumption?

The latest version of Chromecast incorporates the option to connect it to a USB port , so you can use this resource to power it this way. You just have to insert it into the input of your TV so that it only consumes when it is turned on.

Another resource that Chromecast constantly consumes is network data , as it is constantly downloading updates for the screen.

One way to minimize this consumption is by deactivating everything that can be displayed on the screen and thus preventing it from downloading updates for it.


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